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  1. Vhcf Plugin
Plugin for HCF Server


This plugin is for your HCF servers (HardCore Faction) server, like MineHQ, Kohi, Badlion ...
It includes features that already exist are not found easily ..
This plugin haven't any commands, he has just a lots of events..
It's not an API !
Server Version Recommanded: 1.8
. Found diamond (detect the lode of diamonds) when the player break a diamond ore
. EnderChest Blocked
. Detect Horse Owner
. Food Level Nerf
. Spawn Squid / Skeleton / Wither Skeleton Blocked
. Enderpearl cooldown
EnderChest: true
EnderChest Message: You don't have the permission !
Found Diamond Send Message: true
Horse Enter Event No Owner: true
Horse Enter Event No Owner Message: You're not the owner of the horse !
Cooldown EnderPearl: 15
Cooldown EnderPearl Message: Cooldown!

. PvP Timer
. DeathMessages
. NPCs

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Vhcf Plugin

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