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If you're a space buff and enjoy the solar system, galaxies, planets, stars, etc, then you'll probably love Universal Sandbox 2, as it allows you to tinker around with the universe and display the objects how you want to see them.

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A Review of Universe Sandbox 2

Universe Sandbox ² is the long awaited sequel to the original Universe Sandbox. Universe Sandbox ² includes the desktop version and a new VR mode with support for the HTC Vive. This is a free, automatic update. 🎞 Trailer / Preview. May 22, 2020 Over users rating a average of 5 by users about Universe Sandbox Apk App download. More than 10,00,000+ is playing this app/game right now. We provide free Universe Sandbox Apk APK for android phones latest version. You can download Universe Sandbox Apk App free just one click. It is downloads over 10 million on Google Play Store.

Most people took that proverbial field trip as a little kid to some planetarium, where they got to see the stars and all the planets in a way they've never seen them before. Some continue to go to these events and exhibits even as adults. So for every space fan out there, he or she has probably wished at one time to play around with the universe and all its luster, much like kids in a sandbox. Well, good news for you: The Universe Sandbox 2 program allows you to do exactly that. It's a space simulator that will allow you to change and rearrange all the objects and to move planets, stars, comets, and anything else in space to the locations you desire.

Surprisingly, this program gives an incredibly accurate representation of space, mapping it very well and offering stellar graphics that really pop off the screen. The game, although currently incomplete at the time, actually operates just like the universe. The stars wobble, the planets go in elliptical orbits, and everything functions how it should. So in the event you want to play around with the physics of the universe, this is your chance.

Universe Sandbox 2 Apk Download

What Universe Sandbox 2 is and How it Works

When you break things down, this program isn't really a game. There's nothing to “play” per se; there are no levels, you're not trying to compete in anything to win anything. You're basically just like a literal kid in a sandbox, moving things around and tinkering with the program. So while there's no real plot or no real goal, it's still a great sort of program for fans of space who want to see what things might look like when moved around. For instance, how does Jupiter look right beside the sun? How would the Earth look as one of Saturn's moons? These are all things that you can do very easily with this game. And that's part of the point here. It's incredibly easy to get the hang of the controls; there's no real learning curve here. Simply download, install and start playing around with the universe.

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Universe Sandbox 2 Mobile Apk Download

While it is an incomplete program, meaning you don't get to play around with the entirety of the universe, what's there right now is still pretty special. If you have a good graphics card and an HD screen, what you're going to see with this program is some graphics that look amazing, just like the real thing.

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Pros and Cons of Universe Sandbox 2


  • Very simple and easy to play
  • Graphics look stunning
  • Can change around everything in program
  • Free to download initially


  • Full version costs money
  • No plot to speak of
  • Younger kids may have a tough time figuring out the controls