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To get the best result out of your footage which you have shot with a DSRL. You want to have as much information as possible into the footage. Technicolor created a great picture style that’s increases the dynamic range of your footage. So basically the footage you have shot will contain more information in the shadows and highlights.

A breathtaking LUT pack specifically created for Cinestyle footage. If your camera can take pictures in the Technicolor Cinestyle Picture, it will be perfectly compatible with these LUTs! Every LUT in this pack has a LOG version for Cinestyle Gamma along with a Rec.709 version for footage taken in other styles. Technicolor CineStyle. Technicolor CineStyle makes the CineStyle profile for DSLRs.

When you are shooting on this picture style you will immediately see a very flat image that definitely needs post processing. But that’s what this picture style is all about! So when you shoot in this picture style you need to colorgrade the footage afterwards. If you want to see my workflow on colorgrading footage you could check out my other blog post.

Basicly I have setted up the same shot with two picture styles in it. Neutral (Canon default) and the Cinestyle. The Canon Neutral preset should contain no adjustments on the video Buy Cialis Online but there is still a big difference with the Cinestyle picture style.

When you look at the video above you will see clear that de neutral picture style has the window blown out for most of you part. On the Technicolor Cinestyle you will see much more detail in window as well in the dark areas of the plant. This allows us to get more out of the image when post processing.

We colorgraded both the picture styles and did no highlight recovery whatsoever. On the neutral picture style we didn’t had enough room to push the highlights or the shadows. So the only thing we could add was a bit op sharpness and adjusting the midtones.

Cinestyle profile for canon

On the Cinestyle the other hand we had a bit more headroom to push the highlights and darkening the shadows. As well as on the neutral style we also added a bit op sharpness to the video.

***Update Technicolor have now posted the picture style & new FAQ after the readmore More 'looks' also planned***

(First published on 15th April)

Dan Chung's reports have been excellent this week from NAB, but just for us editors we have saved the best 'till last. This free download from Technicolor will make your 5D or 7D more filmic in post production.

Who would have thought that the DSLR arm of Canon would team up with Technicolor? Well they have and between them have produced a 'Cinestyle' custom picture style for your DSLR which records in a true log mode instead of the normal REC 709.

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style

What does this mean? Well when you get the media into FCP, you can be sure that all the dynamic range the camera sensor can offer has been recorded. Good detail in the blacks being one example. Joshua Pines from Technicolor explains the science better and demos the grading possibilities.

Technicolor cinestyle picture style setting

Good tips from Vincent Laforet too - especially ISO settings

Good examples of pushing CineStyle & Superflat settings to the limit by Zech

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style Settings

Technicolor have just posted the Cinestyle picture style, you have to fill out a form for the end user licence.

Q: Who developed the CineStyle?

A: The CineStyle was created by Technicolor color scientists and engineers over the course of the last 12 months with the cooperation of Canon U.S.A. Inc.

Q: Why was this developed?

Technicolor is responding to industry demand from cinematographers for enhanced flexibility in capturing images with CanonEOS DSLR cameras.

Q: How does it help the cinematographer?

A: The Technicolor CineStyle provides better dynamic range of the captured content. This allows for greater artistic freedom during shooting (as the look does not have to locked in during shooting) as well as during the color correction process in postproduction.

Q: What does it do to the image?

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style

A: When the Technicolor CineStyle is selected in the camera it puts the standard H.264 REC709 color space into a log color space. Video images are recorded in log space. Still images are also converted into the same log color space. This is the first implementation of its kind for the Canon EOS line of cameras.

Q: How do you load the Technicolor CineStyle onto the Canon EOS cameras?

A: Using the standard EOS Utility software provided with the Canon EOS cameras. Download the Technicolor Cinestyle™ User Guide

Q: How does this compare to the existing Canon standard and gamma curve?

A: Canon’s standard picture styles are tuned for various shooting situations. This new picture style is a professional style specifically designed for the needs of cinematographers. It is also optimized to work with Technicolor’s DP Lights™ on-set color correction system.

Q: Is the CineStyle integrated into Technicolor’s post-production pipeline?

A: Yes, the CineStyle profile was designed and optimized for Technicolor’s post pipeline – but the files can be used with any major NLE software.

Q: Who are the potential customers of CineStyle?

A: Potential customers include the full gamut of cinematographers – from professional to novice.

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style

Q: Did Technicolor work with cinematographers for their input into the CineStyle?

A: Yes, as is always the case when Technicolor takes on this type of project for development.

Q: Are there future plans for Technicolor's CineStyle offering?

A: Yes, Technicolor is currently planning the development of a series of additional “looks” to be deployed for the Canon EOS cameras.

Q: Can it be used for all Canon EOS cameras?

A: Although the Technicolor CineStyle was designed and optimized for the Canon EOS-5D Mark II camera, the Technicolor CineStyle can be installed and used on any current Canon EOS DSLR camera.

Q: Who will support the Cinematographer should they have any questions?

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style Gallery

A: There will be an online support site from Technicolor in the future.