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Re: Aruba wireless controller TACACS to Cisco ISE for admin authentication ‎ 01:48 AM I don't have access to ISE, but the workflow should be similar to what you should do with ClearPass to setup a TACACS+ service. ISE: Version Installed Patches 9,10 Product Identifier (PID) SNS-3595-K9 Version Identifier (VID) A0 Serial Number (SN) FCH2209V02N ADE-OS Version Switch: tacacs-server host key 7 "XXX" timeout 4 tacacs-server host key 7 "XXX" timeout 4 aaa group server.

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This article describes how to configure ADC appliance to work with TACACS+ servers for Authorization, Authorization and Accounting.


To configure external authentication using TACACS+, complete the following procedures: For TACACS+ server configuration, please refer to your vendor documentation.

TACACS+ server is configured to authenticate users and authorize commands. Citrix ADC must be configured to send the authentication and authorization requests.

  1. Go to System > Authentication > Basic Policies > TACACS and add a server.

  2. Specify the IP address of the TACACS+ server and the appropriate TACACS key as defined in the network configuration of the server.

  3. Use the following command to configure the TACACS authentication server from the command line (in this example TAC is the server name).
    > add authentication tacacsAction tacacs -serverIP -serverPort 49 -authTimeout 3 -tacacsSecret '********' -authorization ON -accounting OFF -auditFailedCmds OFF

  4. Create the TACACS policy and set the expression to ns_true.

  5. Issue the following command to configure this from the command line (in this example, TAC_Pol is the name of the policy).
    > add authentication tacacsPolicy centos_pol -rule ns_true -reqAction centos

  6. To bind the policy globally, select the Active check-box next to the policy.

  7. Issue the following command:
    >bind system global centos_pol -priority 101​​​​​​

Additional Resources

Commands available in ADC:
add batch config dump flush import link query renumber save show stat traceroute6 unlock whoami
alias bind convert enable force init lock quit reset scp shutdown stop unalias unset
apply check create exit grep install man reboot restart send sign switch unbind unsign
archive clear diff expire help join ping release restore set source sync uninstall update
backup cls disable export history kill ping6 rename rm shell start traceroute unlink vtysh
Arguments can be found in Citrix ADC command Reference: https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/citrix-adc-command-reference/en/latest/
The following is the sample output from the /tmp/aaad.debug file.

Tacacs Ise Port

  • The user is first authenticated:

  • Each command is authorized by TACACS:

  • The authentication is passed from Wireshark:

  • The authorization request and response for commands:

    Note: The user is first authenticated by the TACACS+ server. Each command is authorized prior to execution. Because each command is authorized by the TACACS+ server, no group extraction exists.


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