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The key to succeeding with service-oriented architecture (SOA) is in comprehending the meaning and significance of its most fundamental building block: the service. It is through an understanding of service design that truly 'service-oriented' solution logic can be created in support of achieving the strategic goals associated with SOA and service-oriented computing. Bestselling SOA author Thomas Erl guides you through a comprehensive, insightful, and visually rich exploration of the service-orientation design paradigm, revealing exactly how services should and should not be designed for real-world SOA.

The Top-Selling, De Facto Guide to SOA-Now Updated with New Content and Coverage of Microservices! For more than a decade, Thomas Erl’s best-selling Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design has been the definitive end-to-end tutorial on SOA, service-orientation, and service technologies. Now, Erl has thoroughly updated the industry’s de facto. 'Service Oriented Architecture is a hot, but often misunderstood topic in IT today. Thomas articulately describes the concepts, specifications, and standards behind service orientation and Web Services. For enterprises adopting SOA, there is detailed advice for service-oriented analysis, planning, and design. This book is a must read!'

Service Oriented Architecture Thomas Erl Ebook Free Download Windows 7


Service Oriented Architecture Thomas Erl Ebook Free Download Free

This book's in-depth coverage includes * Over 240 full-color illustrations. * A concise introduction to SOA and service-oriented computing concepts and benefits. * A thorough exploration of the service-orientation design paradigm as represented by eight specific design principles. * A comparison of service-oriented and object-oriented concepts and principles and a clear definition of what qualifies as 'service-oriented' logic. * Detailed coverage of four different forms of service-related design granularity. * An exhaustive examination of service contracts, with an emphasis on standardization, abstraction, and the utilization of WS-Policy, XML Schema, and WSDL definitions. * A comprehensive study of positive and negative service-related coupling types with an emphasis on the requirements to attaining a suitable level of loose coupling. * An inside look into how commercial design approaches are incorporated to achieve truly agnostic and reusable service logic. * Techniques for maximizing service reliability, scalability, and performance by instilling high levels of autonomy and emphasizing stateless design. * Approaches for positioning services as highly discoverable and interpretable enterprise resources. * Unprecedented coverage of how to design services for participation in complex compositions. * The definition of concrete links between each design principle and the strategic goals and benefits of SOA and service-oriented computing. * Numerous cross-references to key design patterns documented separately in SOA: Design Patterns.