Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps

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Destiny 2 forging the broadsword steps

The quest step states you have to reset your valor 5 times in a single season, yet after reaching that step, having reset my valor 5 times last season, it hasn't completed. Does it have to be the same season you reach the step, even if it states any season? 11 comments 50% Upvoted. Recommended: How to Unlock Redrix Broadsword Quest in Destiny 2. Best Weapons to Use for The Mountaintop. To get some serious kills, you need to start by using a Grenade Launcher in every slot. Not only will this guarantee you always have ammo but any weapon kill will score towards In Pursuit of Honor. Try and equip the following launchers.

Redrix’s Claymore is a Legendary Pulse rifle you can get in Destiny 2. It is a pretty good rifle, with perks that allow you to become a complete high-speed beast, as long as you keep up with the precision kills. Getting the Destiny 2 Redrix’s Claymore rifle might require some help, however. So, here’s how to obtain Redrix’s Claymore in Destiny 2.


How to Get Redrix’s Claymore Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2?

Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps 2020

Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps

Unlocking the Redrix’s Claymore Legendary Pulse Rifle is, technically speaking, pretty simple. All you have to do is to grind in the Crucible until you reach a high enough level. Once you hit the benchmark, you’ll earn Redrix’s Claymore. The bad news is that you’ll have to grind the competitive ranked play until you reach Rank 3, or Fabled. Depending on your skills, this could take a good long while, so strap in for the grind. If you reach Glory Rank “Legend”, you’ll earn the Glory and Grandeur weapon mod. Equip it on the weapon to change its appearance, simple as that. Best of all, when you earn this ornament, you’ll get it on all characters on the given account.

Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps 2019

The Redrix’s Claymore is a pretty great weapon, looking at its perks. It comes with a high-impact frame, making it more accurate when you’re standing still and aiming down the sights. It also comes with a Chambered Compensator, Corkscrew Rifling, or Polygonal Rifling. However, there are two specific perks that make it really great. The first one is Outlaw, with which precision kills greatly decrease reload time. The second one is Desperado, where you’re rate of fire is increased when reloading while Outlaw is activated. Combine the two, and you’ll get quite the beast of a rifle, which you can use to mow down enemies at an alarming speed, depending on your accuracy, of course.


Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps 2020

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