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Summary of Contents for RCA RCR311W Page 1: Code Lists RCR311WIBcodesREVA2 2/12/04 Code Lists Brand Codes are used for programming using the Brand Code Search and Entry method outlined in the User’s Guide on page 4. RCR311 Series Universal remote control instructions includes code booklet too! This Manual with the code booklet goes with all the following RCA universal remotes: - RCR311ST - RCR311B - RCR311W - RCR311S - RCR311BI - RCR311BT - RCR312W. Here is how to Program any RCA Universal Remote Control. Find codes for each device and brand using our website. Search codes from the right sidebar. Press and “HOLD” CODE SEARCH. Press and release the TV or VCR button you want to set up. When the selected device button blinks go to the next step. How To Program An RCA Universal Remote Read More ». RCA RCR311W Universal Remote User Manual. If your brand isn’t listed, use one of the Code Search. Methods to program the remote control. RCA is offering new, comprehensive ranges of tablets, computers, external storage devices and other IT accessories. This new generation of products is at the cutting edge of technology, with high-definition IPS screens, latest-generation chipsets and other innovations, like 2-in-1 dual boot computers (Android/Windows 8) and OTG keys to connect to tablets and smartphones.

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RCA Universal Remote Code

Rca Universal Remote Code List

Programming Your RCA Universal Remote.
The RCA universal remote may already be set up to operate your brand of TV, VCR, or Cable Box.It is pre-programmed with following codes: TV-000, VCR-000, Cable Box-000, andAUX is programmed with VCR code 037. For brands that require programming, thereare two ways to program: Using Code Lists or Code Search. Use Code Search if thecode lists are not available or if the codes from the lists do not operate adevice.
Programming a Device using Code Search: 1- Manually turn ON your device (TV,VCR, Cable Box) 2- Press and 'HOLD' CODE SEARCH 3- Press and releasethe device button you want to set up (TV, VCR, Cable Box) However, if you areusing AUX for a device, press and release AUX first and then the device buttonfor the type of device to be programmed (TV, VCR, or Cable). The selected devicebutton will flash once. 4- Release CODE SEARCH. 5- Press OFF/ON repeatedly untilthe device turns off (you may have to press up to 100 times at a rate of onceper second). 6- Once the device turns off, press and release ENTER. 7- With thedevice on, press any other button. If the device responds, no furtherprogramming is required. If the device does not respond, repeat steps 1-6.
Programming a device using the Code Lists: 1- Find codes for each device andbrand below. 2- Press and 'HOLD' CODE SEARCH. 3- Press and release theTV, VCR or Cable button you want to set up. If programming AUX for a device,press and release AUX first and then the device to be programmed (TV, VCR orCable). When the selected device button flashes proceed to the next step. 4-Enter the three digit code from the TV, VCR or Cable Box code lists. 5- ReleaseCODE SEARCH. 6- With the device on, press another button, for example CHANNELUP. If the device responds, no further programming is required. If the devicedoes not respond, repeat steps 1-5 using another code number from the lists. TVCodes Admiral 005 MTC 011,019,027 Amtron 064 Multivision 081 Akai 002 NAD018,023 Anam National 038 NEC 011,014,019,027,038 AOC 011,019,027,088 MTC0017,0023 Bell & Howell 005 NEC 0017,0023 Candle 011,027,033 Panasonic012,013,038,086 Citizen 011,027,033,064 Penny 000,008,011,019,027,068,086Colortyme 011,027,084 Philco 006,007,010,011,013,016,019,027 Concerto 011,027033,035,037,038,043,087,089 Contec/Cony 036,037,040,042,064 Philips006,007,010,011,013,016,033,035 Craig 064 037,038,043,066,073 Curtis Mathes000,011,015,027 Pioneer 011,027,045,062,093 CXC 064 Portland 011,019,027 Daewoo011,019,027 ProScan 000 Daytron 011,027 Proton 011,027,037,072 Dimensia 000Quasar 012,038,092 Electrohome 006,011,014,027,038 Radio Shack000,021,025,036,037,059,064 061,068 RCA 000,006,011,019,027,034,038,044 Emerson011,026,027,028,029,030 046,088 031,032,037,042,053,064 Realistic 021065,067,075,076,079 Sampo 011,027 Envision 011,027 Samsung006,011,014,015,019,027,036,037 Fisher 017,021,039,041 077 Funai 064 Sanyo017,021,039,056,057,058 GE 000,008,009,011,012,027 Scott 028,037,064038,068,086,089,091 Sears 000,006,011,014,017,018,021,023 Goldstar003,004,006,011,019 027,039,040,041,051,071,083 027,037,050 Sharp011,020,025,027,037,052,053,059 Hallmark 011,027 060 Hitachi 009,011,027,036,037Signature 005,094 040,047,048,063,080 Sony 002 Infinity 013 Soundesign011,027,033 JBL 013 Sylvania 006,007,010,011,013,016,027,033 Jensen 011,027035,043,049,066,087,089 JVC 012,024,036,037,040,048,051,074 Symphonic 064,076Kawasho 002,011,027 Tatung 038 Kenwood 006,011,014,027 Technics 012 KlossNovabeam 035,043 Techwood 011,027 KTV 078 Teknika 011,019,027,033,037,040,066Loewe 013 Telecaption 090 Luxman 011,027 TMK 011,027 LXI 000,013,018,021,023,054Toshiba 018,021,023,071,085,090 Magnavox 006,007,010,011,013,016 Universal008,009 027,033,035,043,066,087,089 Victor 051 Marants 013 Vidtech 019,027Marantz 011,013,027,069 Wards 000,005,006,007,008,009,010,011 Memorex 005013,019,025,027,028,035,043,059 MGA 006,011,014,019,022 066,076,082,089027,041,056,061,068 Yamaha 006,014,019,027 Mitsubishi006,011,014,019,022,027,041,055 Zenith 001 056,061,068

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Universal Remote Control Simple Setup
* Point it at a TV set and press the Mute/Power button. (Mute button ifTV is already on, or Power button if the TV hasnt already been turned on)
* Keep pointing it at the TV until the TV turns on or muted, most TVs respond in about5 seconds, the most is up to 20 seconds. (Other universal television remote you find instores take minutes to program and enter long confusing codes)
* Once the TV is muted or turns on, simply let go of button and you have totalcontrol. You can use the remote as if you had the original remote, and responds instantly. ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM of choiceswith our remote!


Most remote controls require minutes of programming a universal remote codeinto each television while you read the confusing instruction manual.

Pressmute until muted or appears on screenNowyou have total control of television

Great Uses for our Universal Remote Control

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The Problem with other Universal TelevisionRemotes

You may already know, the best thing about our Universal TV Remote Control, is howsimple it is to use. Most Universal Remotes you see sold in stores, have amanual included with a very long universal remote code that has to be programmedinto each television to be able to work. If your TV goes out, and needs to bere-programmed, you will need to enter all this information each time, and foreach TV you want to use. If you end up losing the manual and universal remotecode, you will no longer be able to use the remote.

Why is our Television Remote better than the TV-B-Gone?

You may have heard about the TV-B-Gone television remote in the newsor magazine lately. Unlike our Universal Remote, the TV-B-Gone is NOTable to turn volume up or down, change channels, mute, or switch AV/TV. All theTV-B-Gone will do is turn the TV on or off. The TV-B-Gone is much heavier andbulkier than our simple remote which makes it an easy to carry in your pocket.

TV Remote Will Work on AllTelevision Models

Rca Universal Remote Rcr314wr Codes

OlympicLGNikon...andmany more!

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If you havealready purchased a remote from the store, and you have
lost your universal remote code, here are some helpful codes for you.

RCAUniversal CodeSharpUniversal CodeZenithUniversal Code
PhilipsMagnavox Universal CodeSonyUniversal CodePanasonicUniversal Code

RCA Universal Remote Code - P.O. Box 197 - Morrow, Ohio 45152

RCA is one of the most well-known brands of universal remote controls for various appliances. Most RCA universal remote controls come with a guide that allows you to find the corresponding code to your television. However, if you are having trouble programming your remote, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to program your RCA universal remote, whether or not you have a code search button:

Note: Before programming your RCA universal remote, test it so you can guarantee it’s fully-functional. Make sure that the remote has batteries. Aside from that, you should also check the receiver of the device(s) you want to pair it with. Also, make sure that you are pointing the remote at the TV the whole time.

How To Program RCA Universal Remote With a Code Search Button

  1. Check to see if your remote has a “Code Search” button. This is usually at the top of your remote and should have the words “Code Search” above or below it.

    If your universal remote has that button or option, the easiest method to connect your device would be through entering the code for that specific device.

    If you don’t see this button, jump to the next section below.

  2. Turn on your TV and the device that you want to pair your remote with.
  3. Press and hold the Code Search button while pressing the device button that you want to pair. For example, you’re pairing your remote with a new TV, choose the TV key. If you want to pair your remote with a DVD player, press the code search button at the same time as the DVD button. The remote light will blink once then glow steadily.
  4. Enter the code using the number pad on your keyboard while holding down the device button. If you are pairing your remote with a DVD player, hold down the DVD button on your remote as you enter the code using the number pad on your remote control. The light should then turn off when the code has been entered.
  5. Test the remote to make sure that all the buttons are working.

If the code for the device doesn’t work, thenyou can do a code entry search as a secondary option. The feature allowsyou to go through all the possible codes until you see one that functions well.

How To Program RCA Universal Remote Without a Code Search Button

If you don’t have a Code Search button, don’tworry. You can still program your remote control using codes from the manual orby checking the RCAremote code finder.

  1. Find your remote’s revision number and write it down. If you don’t know the revision number, you can find it by opening your battery cartridge and removing your batteries. Once you do, you should see a sticker inside with several numbers. The first one is your model number, ignore that for now. Just below the model number should be the revision code. It usually starts with the letter “R” and has 5 or 6 characters.
  2. Go to RCA’s website and search for your revision number from the drop-down menu. In order to quickly locate your revision number, type the first characters in the box.

    Note: Ignore the first “R” when searching for your revision number. If your code is “R26211,” just search for “26211.”

  3. Choose the brand name of the device you are trying to connect to form the next drop-down menu. If you want the remote to work with your Samsung TV, enter Samsung under the “Device Brand Name” drop-down menu.
  4. Select the kind of device that you want to connect to from the last drop-down menu. Search for the kind of device that you want to program. If you want to pair your remote with your TV, then select television. If you can’t see your device, it might be in the other category.
  5. Write the code down. This can be found in the middle portion of the website. Depending on your unit, there could be 2 or more codes to select from.
  6. Turn on your TV and the device that you want to pair it with. If you want to connect your remote to a DVD player, make sure your TV and DVD player are both turned on.
  7. Enter the code using the number pad on your remote while holding down the device key. If you are pairing your remote with your DVD player, hold down the DVD button as you enter the code. Make sure the remote is pointed at the TV the whole time.
  8. Test the remote to make sure that all the buttons are working.

A universal remote control is truly a wonderful tool that can replace all of your other remotes. The pairing is the most challenging part of it all, but it will save you tons of time when you do.

Not sure which remote control is right for you? Check out our ultimate guide to Universal Remotes by clicking the link.

Updated on January 29, 2020

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