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ProTrack Demo Version

A free demo version of ProTrack can be requested. This demo version has a restricted functionality and expires after one month. Click here to request a restricted demo version.

ProTrack Student Edition

Since ProTrack is an ideal learning tool that can be easily integrated in any Project Management course, a free ProTrack Student Edition is available for download. We offer these academic edition software licenses to 'Qualified Educational Users' free of charge. These licenses are valid for one year and can be renewed. The software licensed as 'Academic Edition' is fully functional, and full technical support is included. To read the complete software license, click here.

OR-AS requires appropriate identification for educational orders, prior to delivering the free software. Appropriate identification requires the submission of documents to proof the valididy of the academic edition submission. Therefore, a photocopy of a valid and current student ID must be provided that includes the student's name, date, and a photograph. If the student does not have such an ID, he or she must provide a photocopy of a valid photo ID and one of the following items:
  • Non-photo student ID with name and date
  • School transcript indicating name of school and student
  • School tuition bill indicating name of school and student
  • Report card indicating name of school and student
  • Other dated proof of enrollment

These documents should be digitalized and uploaded during the authentication process.

We get a lot of 'where can I download the manuals/software for my Digitech products?' Type of inquiries. It is not ProTools but Pro Tracks Plus, you can download. Software Sync Mixtrack Pro comes with Serato DJ Intro, powerful software which makes it easy to mix your favorite music. Plus, Traktor LE is included in Europe and Asia. Mixtrack Pro lets you create professional sounding mixes at home or at live performances at parties, functions and clubs. What is Pro Tracks Plus? Pro Tracks Plus is an audio recording and editing utility for the PC that Twelve Tone Systems created in collaboration with Cakewalk (of Music Creator fame). The program features hands-free recording capabilities in conjunction with such music authoring devices as those used for instrumental multi-effect processing.

Click here to request a fully functional academic version.

ProTrack Course Edition

ProTrack can be easily and freely used in any Project Management course by both teachers and students. When teachers buy a course version of ProTrack 3.0, they can request a Master Key that they can share with their students. In this case, students do not have to upload all documents as described above (ProTrack Student Edition) but instead provide the Master Key during registration. Teachers can order a full ProTrack 3.0 version and register their course to obtain a Master Key here.

The teacher course edition ProTrack package contains:

Pro Tracks Plus

  • A full ProTrack 3.0 license at the normal price of € 299. This version is similar in price and functionality as the commercial version and has no limitations in functionality and expiry date. Read our commercial ProTrack 3.0 license here.
  • A master key that can be shared with the students to obtain a free student version. These free student versions have a full functionality but expire after finishing the course. They cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Click here to buy a ProTrack 3.0 course edition and register your course to obtain student master keys.

TrackMaster Plus Pro is our extremely popular, top-of-the-line handicapping software program. Exclusive ratings and statistics make it the most powerful and comprehensive product available.

Start handicapping the faster, better way with TrackMaster Plus Pro! The software is FREE and contains a demo data file race card to get you started.
Warning: This is legacy software and may not perform properly on newer computers or operating systems. STATS Race Lens is the most comprehensive and updated software product available.

  • Features

    • Multiple File Formats
    Enhanced PDF past performances, performance cycles and XML data files also included.

    • Speed Figures & Class Ratings
    Exclusive speed figures & class ratings help you quickly and easily handicap the races.

    • Custom Power Ratings
    Identify top contenders using our ratings, or create your own with various custom weights.

    • Pace Analysis
    Analysis of pace styles and figures for the early, middle and finish of a race.

    • Jockey, Trainer & Pedigree Stats
    In-depth jockey, trainer, sire and dam analysis of many categories and handicapping angles.

    • Lifetime Past Performances
    Career past performances for all horses, including complete result charts for all their races.

    • Sorting & Filtering
    Sorting and filtering options for detailed jockey, trainer, sire and dam analysis in the PPs.

  • Pricing
    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card$4.00
    • Regular subscription - 20 downloads per calendar month, overages $2.00 each
      • 3 months $129.95
      • 12 months $429.95
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 3 months $379.95
      • 12 months $1099.95
  • Details
    • Detailed Description

      Welcome To TrackMaster Plus Pro
      TrackMaster Plus Pro software gives you all the enhanced handicapping information you need to play the races. Along with a series of performance ratings, you will find a wide range of categories of information and organizational tools. The data for jockeys, trainers, sires and dams is unprecedented. The exclusive custom power ratings option even allows you to design your own weightings. All of this and much, much more designed to make your day at the races more profitable awaits.
      The updated race card files are accessed directly from inside the software program installed on your computer. They are available for download 24 hours a day, often several days ahead of the races depending on the track schedule.
      Special Features Of TrackMaster Plus Pro
      TrackMaster Plus Pro includes PDF printed platinum past performances in multiple formats that can be downloaded from our web site. They include 12 past performance lines, ranked workouts, conditional jockey and trainer stats, pace figures, power ratings and key race stats are shown at the bottom of every race.
      The XML data files contain all the information in Plus Pro, but in a file type specific for those looking to use in their own programs. Due to their size, these files are zipped up and will need to be extracted to use in a .xml format.
      Sorting is a powerful tool for handicappers to use. Nearly every column of information in TrackMaster Plus Pro is sortable. Simply click the top of a column of data and arrows will appear to tell you the order in which the column is sorted (ascending or descending). Click again, and the data sorts in the other direction.
      TrackMaster Plus Pro displays information to allow you to compare horses head-to-head in selected categories. For example, once you have decided that a particular horse in the race is no longer of interest you can hide that horse's information to allow you to focus on the other horses of interest.
      Enter in personal notes you may have about each horse. The information will be displayed beneath the workouts and analysis in the past performances or can be edited/viewed by clicking on the horse comments icon. The comments are saved for when the horse runs in the future and can be edited by clicking on the horse comments icon in the details section.
      Enter three different types of notes: horse notes, race notes and race day notes. These notes will be displayed in the running lines when the horse runs in the future. Horse notes pertain to an individual horse. Race notes pertain to a particular race. Race day notes pertain to a specific race card. You also have the option of adding these notes via the charts.
      TrackMaster produces several different kinds of ratings. Speed figures are for horses and measure performance in a single race. Class ratings are for races and judge the level of competition. Power ratings are for horses and are weighted averages of several different handicapping factors. Pace figures are similar to speed ratings, only they measure the individual fractions of races. For all ratings, the higher the number the better.
      - SPEED FIGURES: TrackMaster assigns a speed figure to each horse's race, where there is enough information to accurately do so. These figures tell you how fast a horse has been performing. It is based on the horse's actual time and other factors, called variants, such as the composition and condition of the track.
      - CLASS RATINGS: TrackMaster assigns a class rating to today's and historical races. The class rating for a race is made up of a weighted average of the previous speed figures from the horses entered in that race. The number is basically a projection of what the expected winning speed figure would be for that particular race.
      - POWER RATINGS: The TrackMaster power rating is an overall indicator of the horse's potential profitability, combining the components of speed, class, pace and various other handicapping factors, updated using algorithms to maximize their effectiveness.
      - PACE FIGURES: Pace figures are computed using the same fundamentals as speed figures. The difference is that pace figures are calculated for fractions of a race and not the entire race. An average early, middle and finish pace figure is shown for every horse.
      Click here for details and an important notice about our exclusive ratings.
      In addition to the TrackMaster power rating, this primary section presents a summary of the key pieces of information for each race, such as essential program information, the best speed figure each horse has run at today's distance and surface, as well as a horse's record at today's distance and surface.
      TrackMaster Plus Pro also contains detailed stats for jockeys, trainers, sires and dams. These stats are accessed by clicking on the name of the jockey, trainer, sire or dam in the past performances and then clicking on detailed stats from the summary statistics box.
      In addition to the printed pdfs listed above, you'also ll receive each horse's lifetime past performances plus the full result chart associated with each. You can also filter the past performances to see only the data you want. Here is a list of the available filters:
      - Distance
      Today’s Plus (“Plus” is user-defined and addressed below)
      - Surface
      Dirt (excluding All-weather Tracks)
      - Track Condition
      Off Track
      - Early Pace
      On the Lead
      Within Two Lengths
      - Recency
      Within 15 Days
      Within 30 Days
      Within 45 Days
      Within 60 Days
      Within 90 Days
      - Medication
      Today’s Lasix
      Lasix & Bute
      - Jockey
      - Trainer
      - Track and Surface
      - Class Ratings
      CR greater than or equal to today’s CR
      CR within 5 points of today’s CR
      ESF (Equibase Speed Figure) greater than or equal to today’s CR
      ESF within 5 points of today’s CR
      User defined CR/ESF range
      The odds calculator allows you to compute what payoffs should be. For example, in a daily double you pair a horse with 9-5 odds with a horse with 2-1 odds, the payoff odds are 9.5: 1. That is, a $2 bet will pay $21. By comparing the should pay with the actual pay out received if your combination comes in, you can see if your bet is a good value or not. Making good value bets will help improve your profits over time.

    • Feature Comparison

      TrackMaster Plus Pro vs. DRF Formulator
      Take a look at this comparison of the features included with each software and decide for yourself which handicapping product you should be using.

      Lifetime PPs
      Lifetime Result Charts
      1 Year Jockey Analysis
      5 Year Trainer Analysis
      5 Year Sire Analysis
      Lifetime Dam Analysis
      Power Ratings
      Track Bias Data
      Printed PDF PPs
      Mobile App Access
      Video Replays ($)
      Much, much, more!
      YES, YES, YES!
    • Product Key

      This product is available in the following formats:
      (Click to view a description of the layout/schema for each option)
      XML Data File - A single data file using a simple and flexible text-based programming language for data exchange. Click here for a translation of the xml data fields.
      Platinum PDF - Up to twelve running lines and workouts per horse, generally making it two pages per race. Includes horse sales data and trainer changes and claim information appearing on the line after.
      Bias PDF - All the same features of the standard version with the addition of TrackMaster Track Bias data displayed after the company line.
      Pace PDF - All the same features of the standard version and bias version with the addition of pace figures instead of leader's times in the running lines.
      Performance Cycles PDF - A graphical look at the history of a horse's performances with insights regarding how well the horse should perform today.

  • Software

    Click here and follow the instructions to download and install the TrackMaster Plus Pro software.
    To install this program, launch the setup file downloaded from above and follow the on-screen prompts to automatically load the software.
    Note: If you have a previous version of the software already installed, it will automatically be removed and updated.
    View a list of updates and changes made to the TrackMaster Plus Pro software below.

  • Help
    Help guides and technical support for this product
    • Help Guide

      View the complete TrackMaster Plus Pro help guide. It will teach you how to access and analyze the information, and describe the special features included in the software.

    • Product Tutorials

      For a general introduction to the program and information on how to use some of its powerful features, view the TrackMaster Plus Pro Introduction Tutorial
      NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash installed on your computer to take the tour.
      Watch these short video segments on how to get the most out of TrackMaster Plus Pro.
      TrackMaster Plus Pro Quick Tip Of The Day #1 - Printing & filtering tips.
      TrackMaster Plus Pro Quick Tip Of The Day #2 - Custom power ratings.

    • Software Help/FAQ

      Read the following frequently asked questions:
      1.) I already have TrackMaster Plus, do I need to get the new Plus Pro software?
      While a completely separate program, TrackMaster Plus Pro should be considered as an upgrade to your current Plus program. You are not required to upgrade, but we think once you take a look at Plus Pro you'll never want to go back.
      2.) Will it cost me extra to get the new Plus Pro program and data? What happens to my existing subscription?
      There is no charge for the software, and if you’re a current customer your id and password will automatically work, along with whatever subscription plan you are already under.
      3.) Is the “old” TrackMaster Plus going away?
      The existing TrackMaster Plus program is NOT going away. If you wish, you can continue to use it as long as you like.
      4.) How do I download Plus Pro files and what PDF files can be downloaded?
      TrackMaster Plus Pro data files are only available for download through the software. Using the web site, you can access various pdf printed platinum past performances and performance cycles, included as part of your subscription package.
      5.) What is the minimum system configuration I need to run Plus Pro?
      Minimum system requirements:
      Pentium 4 processor (2.8 Ghz or higher)
      512 MB of DDR RAM
      Windows 2000, XP or Vista
      AGP Video card with 128MB of RAM
      Recommended system configuration (for optimal performance):
      Dual Core processor (1.8 Ghz or higher)
      2 GB DDR2 RAM
      PCI Express video card with 128MB of RAM
      Windows XP or Vista
      6.) Can I test the program out without any charge?
      Yes. The Plus Pro software is free and includes a sample demo race card to help evaluate.

    • Software Installation Problems

      If you encounter a problem while installing the software please try the following tips:
      1) Make sure that your user profile has administrator privileges to install and run software on the computer being used.
      2) Re-download the software installer file, then restart your computer completely and attempt to run the setup program again.
      3) Temporarily disable any security or anti-virus software on your computer that may be preventing our installer from running.

Pro Tracks Plus Tutorial

TrackMaster Plus Pro subscribers - Download a race card as you normally would and get the same race card for the Pocket/Tablet Handicapper at NO additional charge!