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  • Poly-universe square consists of a large base form and three smaller ones: there are large, medium, small triangles to connect. Each of the triangles is attached to a color: red, blue, yellow, green. Due to the four color combinations a total of 24 different basic elements are available in the game package.
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Symmetry: Culture and Science. Poly-Universe in School Education

Original Model: Joscha Heusohn - TIE Fighter - Download Free 3D model by StarWars-Universe (@SWU) c306f51. A working example for modding content in Poly Universe. This is a simple demo of how to mod content in Poly Universe. It gives you a working example of how to mod the game's music, audio, and localization. Copy this 'Sample Mod' directory into your local mods directory, then enable it in-game to see it in action.

Editor: György Darvas
Volume 31, Number 1, 1-112, 2020

The new issue of the Symmetrion journal is devoted to experiences with the use of the STEAM toolkit Poly-Universe in and out of the classroom. The issue relies on the outcomes of the Poly-Universe in School Education Erasmus+ (PUSE) project (2017-2019).

Poly Universe download free. full

Abstract of the article Multidisciplinary symmetry education with Poly-Universe toolkit with Poly-Universe toolkit in schools and informal learning context in Finland by Experience Workshop’s research team in Finland:

Between 2017 and 2019, Experience Workshop Global STEAM Network coordinated the Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) Erasmus+ project in Finland. In this article, we describe an example of a symmetry education school project, which was carried out in a Finnish lower secondary school with Poly-Universe Toolkit. In addition, the article provides a brief summary of the applicability of Poly-Universe Toolkit in a Finnish elementary, lower and upper secondary school context, based on the experiences we have gained in the PUSE project. Finally, we introduce Poly-Universe Toolkit in informal educational activities provided for adults in Finland.

The issue is available as a free download from here: https://elmenymuhely.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020_1_001-112_SymmetryCultureandScience_PUSE.pdf and the print version can be ordered from the journal’s website: http://journal-scs.symmetry.hu/purchase/

Read more about PUSE: https://elmenymuhely.hu/polyuniverse_erasmus_intro

Poly Universe Download Free Pc

Download the methodology book and the exercises (free): http://poly-universe.com/puse-methodology/

You can purchase the toolkit from out webshop: http://webshop.artrio.hu/product/poly-universe-toy-family-set/


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Poly Universe Download Free

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Poly universe download free pc

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