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Green pigs hide inside shelters, stand near concrete walls in order to stay alive. Red birds seek them badly and want all pigs to get punished. Your task is to pick a bird, launch it with a slingshot and kill a pig. Clear the level before you run out of shells and proceed to the next one.

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Angry Birds Epic Play Free Online

Angry Birds free online games feature brave, bold, and above all very intelligent birds, whose life is under threat! They are different coloured birds and have different abilities. The game develops abstract thinking, reaction, straight eye, and also gives the primary concept of physics and ballistics. Now you can play Angry Birds absolutely free on your PC. Choose your favourite online game and help Angry Birds hit the mark in the fight against bad piggies!
Red are weak and the most basic of birds. They make various battle cries while flying.
Blue - each of them splits into three smaller birds in flight. They are effective against ice blocks.
Yellow outnumber all. They pick up speed when activated, change flight path, destroying wood.
Black are used as bombs. They heat and explode after attacking the target and are ideal for the destruction of stone structures.
White drop egg bombs that explode on contact with the target.
Green come back with double acceleration like boomerangs, do great on wood.
Orange inflate to huge size after falling to green piggies.
Pink make bubbles that are capable to lift up objects.
These insanely popular and well known to all, currently lead among the most downloaded games. The downloads of the game hit one billion, i.e. almost every seventh person of the planet likes the Birds. Initially released for Apple OS, Angry Birds were soon adapted to practically all operating systems. At present there are versions for all variants of Android, Linux (in particular for MeeGo and Ubunty, the modifications of this operating system), Simbian and, of course, for popular Windows.