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Text in a sanserif fixed-width font is seen in: Imperial tracking monitors aborad the Death Star and Executorin Return of the Jedi; Large tactical display screens in the Emperor's throne room and the control bunker on Endor. To this day, the general public calls “Episode I” than “The Phantom Menace.” Unlike the original trilogy, the logo design is consistent throughout the prequels. The font, color and lock-up are identical, which creates a visual unity that solidifies in the audience’s mind that these films are all part of a whole.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. History Talk (0) Share. Opening title variant SVG version needed. Disney+ variant. Phantom Menace (ファントム・メナス, Fantomu Menasu?): A near instantaneous combo; Mirio takes full advantage of his Quirks side effect of repelling him outward upon returning to a solid state while phasing through something. He first phases into a nearby surface, then repels out and phases into another nearby surface; he does this.

Here’s yet another HD Theatrical Version of The Phantom Menace. Why make one when at least 3 others are in the works by people more talented than myself? Good question.

Why also use the 2011 BR as the main source even though it’s riddled with the waxy over-DNRed look instead of the HDTV version? I’d say that you’re just full of questions today. The HDTV rip I have has burnt in subtitles in a very boring Calibri font and I assume the only way to remove them to add back some more theatrically accurate subtitles would be to patch that area with maybe the PAL DVD or maybe just use another HDTV Rip. Either way, I’ll do it later, for now, the BR will do.

Other sources include Althor’s LD preservation which will be used for the Naboo bridge, senate aides and Palpatine’s office shots. I’ve just used part of the bridge and aides shots and put them ontop of the BR shots, but for Palpatine’s office, I’ve just used the entire shot with some colour correction. Later on I will replace this with ZigZig’s PaNup SDTV preservation, as it is better quality, but for now, the LD is here.


Palpatine’s Office -
Senate Aides -
Naboo Bridge (not 100% yet) -

I believe I have the subtitles mostly accurate, as made a “font announcment” when TPM was in pre-production

Phantom font download

ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Bold, 69 point with -30 tracking

Danny Phantom Font

Danny phantom font

I haven’t got the actual scenes done yet due to me not having the exact timing and placement which I believe is in the “Z” bootleg (that I am yet to aquire), but just making a quick test makes it look about right. I also added the drop shadow, which is apparently either down and to the right, or just straight down. I’ve just made it down and to the right.

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