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With OmniPlan, you can create logical, manageable project plans with Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical paths. Break down the tasks. OmniPlan marks scheduling violations and suggests ways to fix them. Focus on moving the needle Critical paths highlight the tasks that will keep your project on track and move you toward the finish line, making prioritization intuitive and data-driven.

  • Hexter House

    3616 Crescent Avenue in Dallas, Texas is a suburban dwelling with integral courtyards designed by OMNIPLAN founder E.G. Hamilton.

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  • 2300 Riverside

    An apartment tower in the quiet of a residential neighborhood that overlooks downtown Tulsa and the Arkansas River.

  • Republic National Bank Tower

    A beautifully scaled facility that continues to be a dominant landmark structure on the Dallas skyline.

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  • The Fairmont Hotel

    A one-tower hotel and an adjacent apartment building tied together at a landscaped terrace level with a courtyard.

  • Texas Tech Law School Building

    In its West Texas setting, the Texas Tech Law School Building interplays between a series of solid planes, varied columns of space, brick texture and native live oaks.

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  • NorthPark Center

    Given careful attention to space, order and natural light, its restrained design has secured a lasting success for its simple palette.

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  • Mountain View College

    Deep on the 210-acre parcel, the architects discovered an arroyo that became the nexus of their design. The college became a continuous structure—occupying both sides of the arroyo, connected by bridges.

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  • Dallas Convention Center

    The Dallas Convention Center is an architectural expression of our city’s ambition, over time, to grow and prosper.

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  • Citizens Bank

    Uninterrupted vistas are possible on each floor thanks to the column-free space provided by its remarkable 105-foot-long precast concrete beams, the longest to have ever been used in construction at the time.

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  • Woodall Rodgers Tower

    This office building sits on a one-acre city block adjacent to Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas. Because of site restrictions, the office building lives on top of the parking garage--creating a taller building with greater presence along Woodall Rodgers Freeway, and maximizing views for the office space (the lowest office level is nine floors up). OMNIPLAN proudly officed on the 15th floor for 19 years and then moved to the 16th floor in 2020.

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Microsoft Project Vs. OmniPlan for Mac: Which is better?

Shlomi Lavi / Jul 20, 2020

Looking for the right Project Management solution for your business? buyers like you are primarily concerned about the real total implementation cost (TCO), full list of features, vendor reliability, user reviews, pros and cons. in this article we compare between the 2 software products:

Vendor comparison


Microsoft: Microsoft Corporation is an American corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is the world's largest software maker measured by revenues.

The Omni Group: The Omni Group develops applications exclusively for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Omni’s distinctive productivity applications have won three Macworld Editors’ Choice awards, a MacUser UK “Maxine” award, Macworld Expo Best of Show, two Mac Observer Editors’ Choice Awards, an iPhone Alley Editors’ Choice award, and five Apple Design awards. Located in beautiful Seattle, Washington, the Omni Group is an employee-owned company dedicated to awesome software and gold-standard customer support. We think that Omni is a different sort of company and that it shows in both our products and our service. There are a bunch of things that make Omni a special place:

Pricing/cost comparison

The real cost of Project Management software includes the software license, subscription fees, software training cost, customization cost, required hardware, and the cost of maintenance & support and other related services. It's critical that you account for all of these costs to gain an understanding of the system's 'total cost of ownership'. We prepared a total cost calculator for Microsoft Project TCO and OmniPlan for Mac total cost to help with the total cost of ownership calculation.

Microsoft Project price Starting from $7 per month , on a scale between 1 to 10 Microsoft Project is rated 4, which is lower than the average cost of Project Management software.OmniPlan for Mac price Starting from $149 per license , when comparing OmniPlan for Mac to their competitors, the software is rated 4 - lower than the average Project Management software cost.

Bottom line: Microsoft Project cost is around the same cost of OmniPlan for Mac.

Features and functionality

As with any business software solutions, it’s important to consider the features & functionality. The tool should support the processes, workflows, reports and needs that matter to your team. To help you evaluate this, we've compared Microsoft Project Vs. OmniPlan for Mac based on some of the most important and required Project Management features.
Microsoft Project: Collaboration, Document Management, Issue Tracking, Project Management, Resource Management, Scheduling, Task Management, ..
OmniPlan for Mac list of features include the following: Collaboration, Document Management, Issue Tracking, Project Management, Resource Management, .

Target customer size

Microsoft Project is best for all sizes of business as well as individual users. The software is a useful product for businesses of all sizes and a variety of types.

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