Maverickstar Reloaded

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Good evening fellow Peaceful Revolutionaries.

Maverick Star Reloaded

A few weeks back I saw a video from a channel called MaverickStar Reloaded and what he claimed to be going on with the Earths magnetic field blew me away. Increased speed and a split and I simply did not believe it. Then a Forbes article on moving magma, with inaccuracies, cause me to actually research. From Maverickstar Reloaded. Posted by ABTEG at 2:13 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Emergency Preparedness, Geomagnetic Reversal, Survival, Weather. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Search This Blog. Follow by Email. Over 7000 views per week only one or two donate: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Home About us Earth's Magnetic Field. Who also does videos on his YouTube channel MaverickStar Reloaded. A suggested video from him I did not initially trust and that started the whole things off, boosted by a Forbes article. EDIT: I forgot to add Grand Solar Minimum News who interviewed Professor Valentina Zharkova. MaverickStar Reloaded. China Uncensored. I also recommend checking out all of the Joe Rogan Podcast interviews with Graham Hancock and also with Randall Carlson. It will make you question everything you thought you knew about human history. For space weather related news there is:

A quick update on the 2 Keshe Plasma Reactor devices we ordered in early October 2015:
We were told that they are mechanizing production in the province of Qu├ębec, Canada, and they will be shipping to Canada in approximately one (1) month from now (so Christmas time -ish).
Though this is disappointing, its not entirely unexpected that the people in Canada would not be the first on the list with the Keshe Foundation headquarters being in Italy at this time.
This means likely we'll receive these device most likely in January, quite a while from now.
In the meantime, I've watched over 50 hours of Keshe workshop video explanations on the Keshe reactors and technologies alone, taking information directly from M. Keshe himself.
The videos are up on Kevin Flynn's youtube channel.
I gotta say, its been... enlightening.
I also took the time to watch and discuss with 3 other youtubers that have been building the Keshe reactors according to specifications and doing valid tests. 2 of which are, like me, skeptics but with good intentions and the third is what we could call a Keshe Foundation follower, but with a good mind, asking the right questions to figure stuff out.Mavstar observatory
Here are their Youtube channels:
Maverickstar Reloaded (process of making the full reactor and testing)
ZeroFossilFuel (making a reactor using great tools, lots of experience)Reloaded
Mag Netron (Keshe Foundation follower, showing his progress )
I talk about this in better detail in my youtube video below:
For those of you that prefer reading, here is the gist of my reactions on the 50+ hours of listening to M. Keshe giving explanations on the reactor technology itself.
  1. He's hard to follow due to the language barrier. Not his fault, but be ready to spend a larger than normal amount of time listening to really understand what he's trying to say.
  2. The process of preparing what he calls the nano layer on the copper is very simply the oxidation of copper. M. Keshe's description is not inaccurate though, as in the end you are placing a layer of individual molecules of CuO (black) and/or Cu2O (pink) over the copper. For laymen, we're essentially using heated sodium hydroxide (or direct high heat) to 'rust' the copper.
  3. The second step of the process is to create the GANS. From my understanding, GANS means Gas -state nano-structure. M. Keshe describes it as a physical substance converted to a free energy CO2 (gas) state. The description is very, very clumsy at best, and can be seen as lack of knowledge in chemistry (which would be weird even for a physicist). The setup with the Oxidized copper and zinc as electrodes sitting in salt water is a process that was discovered in 1780 by Luigi Galvani, when he created the Galvanic cell (the first battery). The Cu2O oxidation layer (the nano layer), being 'loose' dissolves in the water and Zinc from the zinc plate goes in the salt solution to form Zn(OH)2 in this case, which precipitates as a white colloid. Due to the impurities of ocean salt water (recommended) and some copper in the water, the color may become brown or turquoise (colors associated with precipitates of copper. You can do the same experiment and get the same precipitates with a copper and zinc plate without any oxidization, though the color of the precipitate may be different as much less copper will go into the solution. Now, this is traditional chemistry and how it works. I cannot tell if this process also creates some differences in the subatomic, quantum or other sub-level (or what M. Keshe calls Plasmatic). This remains to be seen with more tests.
  4. Since the chemistry involved in making the gans and nanolayers is 100-250 years old, I can only surmise that the 'magic' of Plasma is in the combination of the layers and the configuration of the copper coils etc..... In order to be sure its all good, we need to test devices and see if 1kW of electricity will indeed convert, after 1-3 weeks, into 3-4kW and a reduction in the electricity bill.
  5. Let's see what the people I'm watching manage and us directly when we receive the devices.

Here are my general comments on those many hours and M. Keshe:
  1. He says he has 40 years experience in nuclear physics, thus he should be intimately familiar with scientific methodology. But in his explanations, he sometimes says he did many of the experiments 5/10/15 years ago and sometimes says he doesn't know what is letting the followers of the Keshe Foundation figure stuff out and report back. The first part is great, scientists need to produce results in controlled environments. The second part is also great in a way that he's crowdsourcing efforts globally, but its a little dangerous to encourage people to play with electricity, caustic liquids, high flames and plugging the equipment to their home systems without being certain what the impact its going to have in the house.
  2. M. Keshe says that the nanocoating will cover all the wires of the house and up to the energy generation plant (uranium rods). He also says that the nanocoating will disable transformers. Unless I'm mistaken, that means it will render your TV, computer and even the transformer across the street that is feeding your street unusable? This remains to be seen as I cannot imagine the setup oxidizing wires like this over that distance, but if it works, people plugging it in their home will see devices blow up and perhaps the power company knocking on their door asking questions.... Remains to be seen, but be warned about this possibility. I think it is careless that he's not writing these down very clearly from the get-go and I wonder why, in 40 years, that he hasn't noticed these things in lab tests?
  3. He talks about biology and biochemistry, things that I'm intimately knowledgeable about, saying things like 'the body is a superconductor' and 'the human body is full of GANS'. I can't tell anyone about the GANS mention since he only knows what that means, but the body is definitively not a superconductor. By definition a superconductor is a material that offers Zero resistance to the passage of current. This is completely untrue. Every instance of energy transfer in the body includes the usage of energy and the creation of heat through resistance.
  4. He talks about the 3 coil setup as the Physical, the Soul and the Spirit coils. Science has never proven the existence of Soul and Spirit, so he is introducing spirituality in the science here, with no proof to show for it. It makes for a nice story to explain why the technology may perhaps heal, but it is unfounded. On the other hand, he does say he's the Messiah, so if you believe in the unfounded claim, maybe everything he says MUST be the truth... right? (Ok I'm a little sarcastic here, I apologize, but aren't we trying to discover a new way to create free energy here or attending the Church of Keshe and hearing a sermon of belief and superstition?). There IS quantum science that demonstrates that at a subatomic level everything in the universe is connected to everything else as well as the 'Observer Effect' doing really odd things.

Maverick Star Reloaded

In a nutshell, having watched him talk for a long, long time. He seems to be trying to get a lot of people experiment based on his theories and giving him results to further the gathering of knowledge around his reactor hypothesis and design (which isn't a bad thing on its own), but he contradicts things in the physical world that cannot be true and talks mostly about metaphysical theories of how the world is without fact or experiment to support what he says.
In conclusion, if the technology is genuine, he's not trying to convince rational people that are seeking answers. He seems much more focused on convincing believers in metaphysical and spiritual elements (which cannot be scientifically proven) that whatever he says is true, without any supporting pieces of evidence.
As always, I'm interested in the technology and what it can bring to the world and though I've had enough of listening to M. Keshe's spiritual discussions on the Soul, I can follow great rational people who are honestly try to get the technology to work according to the Keshe Foundation's specifications.
Maybe M. Keshe is only eccentric..... but I find he's also irresponsible in his approach and he should stick to the knowledge that he knows : physics and not biology and biochemistry.... those parts were terrible!
Peace out!