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Longchamp, one of the most simple yet expensive bag I have ever met. Almost 70% of the girls I see here in Singapore owns one. At first, I didn't like it that much until I saw the black Planetes. Then after that, I can't sleep thinking about it. For me, spending $200++ for it is just too much. But then, I guess I need to reward myself for being hardworking once in a while. ^_^ So the hunt is on. There are a lot of sellers in eBay offering Longchamp bags at a lower price compared to the mall. Most of them bought them in Paris where its is cheaper and they have them shipped here. The problem is, how will you know the one you are buying is authentic? You don't want to be buying a counterfeit right? So here are some tips for you. I suggest that you carefully examine before buying. Here, I used my very own Longchamp Planetes.
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Longchamp Serial Number
1. The materials and the trimming. The very first thing that you are going to do is to check the quality of the materials. An expensive bag comes with high quality materials. You may also want to check the quality of the trimmings. That is the most easiest to check.

What is the serial number for medium size Longchamp le pliage neo. Log in to Reply. Judy Ganituen says: March 7, 2017 at 7:40 AM Hi! Can I ask for your help, my friend sell me a longchamp bag medium size in black, i’m a bit worried that it’s a fake longchamp. Can I sendsend you a picture of the bag. – Le Pliage Longchamp bags should indicate that it was either MADE IN FRANCE, MADE IN TUNISIA, or MADE IN CHINA. – White Translucent tag with the correct manufacturing locations and style number. Style Numbers are comprised of a 4-Digit Model Number, followed by 089 (The code for the Le Pliage line), followed by a 3-Digit Color Code. Ford 'Engineering' numbers consist of 3 parts, you correctly decoded the first part. The second part of the number is Ford's basic number for the type of part. For instance 6250 is a camshaft, an engine block is 6015, a cylinder head is 6090 and an intake manifold is 9425.

Longchamp Serial Number

2. The logo. The jockey logo is clearly embossed on the leather flap just above the snap button. Then check the snap button, it should clearly state 'Longchamp 1948'

Longchamp neo serial number check

3. At the back portion of the leather flap, the words are also clearly embossed and are aligned. Words vary depending on the model you are buying. Check on the spelling as well, some of the fakes have it misspelled.

4. The picture on the right is the back part of the leather flap. You would notice that the mark where the logo was embossed. Also check the snap button, it has the wording 'Original PRYM 6/4B'. The texture of the leather is very smooth and fine.

5. The zipper pull. You will clearly notice that the jockey logo is very detailed. The jockey and horse don't mix together as compared with the fakes. The round Longchamp zipper pulls comes in gold or pewter and it has YKK logo on the side of the pull.

6. The back of the button snap are reinforced with plastic disc, fake ones don't have it.

7. The tag. Original Longchamp has a plastic tag sewn at the side of the bag. Planetes are made from France / Tunisia (correct me if I am wrong), while other Le Pliage are made in China. You will also notice that the tag is very neatly sewn (remember tip 1).

There you go girls. I think I already covered almost everything there is to know. But if there are more that I missed out, I will be glad to hear from you. Remember to be careful in buying your expensive bags. Don't let the cheap selling price deceive you. :)

Longchamp Serial Number Made In France

Happy shopping! :)

Longchamp Bag Serial Number

Pretties, I know somehow it is really hard to differentiate the ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC Longchamp with those FAKE & IMITATION! I don’t want to be cheated if buying an authentic handbags, and I believe you are the same, too!

Longchamp Serial Number Meaning

How to authenticate LONGCHAMP bag
1) Serial no. (AA, AE or AB) on the white tag inside is same with the S/N on the yellow & white at plastic cover bag
2) AA – Made in France, AE – Made in China, AB – Made in Tunisia
3) Zip are made by YKK. Can be silver plate, gold plate or blue (depend on which modelle)
4) Zip buckle is Longchamp 1948 with horse logo.
5) Zip shown “45” for size S and M, shown 5NO for size L and XL
6) Material “Vinyl” are more thicker & smoother than Fake one.
7) Flap and strap are made from genuine leather and the leather smooth, not rough & hairy