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Grimsby's first escape rooms are games where teams of 2-6 people have an hour to solve the clues and puzzles and escape the room. Labyrinth Escape Rooms Grimsby Grimsby's first escape rooms are fun and immersive games where a team of 2-6 people have one hour to solve the clues and puzzles to escape the room. Labyrinth Escape Rooms is the perfect place for you to host your next function where you puzzle your way through one of our themed Escape Room Adventures. Labyrinth Escape Rooms are a team building experience designed to challenge your thinking and help you to learn more about yourselves and others-all while having fun! Discounts for Students available. Got locked up in Sheepshank Prison last night, and was by far the best Escape Room I’ve ever been to. The puzzles were extremely well thought out and put together, and the props and decor made you feel like you were in lockup! VISIT LARA’S LABYRINTH 860 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, Connecticut. Offer 5 Unique Escape Room Experiences And A VR Lounge Catch huge savings by simply Copying & Pasting this Lara's Labyrinth Free Shipping Coupon. 10+ Lara's Labyrinth coupons and discounts for November 2020. All coupons are hand-verified here. Alcatraz Escape Games offers tailored partnership options to help you realize your dream of running your own escape room. We offer high-end, immersive entertainment through our storytelling and high production levels. Our team of designers, writers, game-masters, contractors, and artists develop and create an entire world around each and every.


See how your primal instinct comes into play when you are locked in an escape room for just one hour. Find and use objects that help you through a range of logic & skills-based tasks.


Partner up and work in teams with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 people per escape room. Your team has just 60 minutes on the clock to escape.


Keep your eyes on every detail of the room for clues that will help you to escape. Solve the puzzles and accomplish the mission to escape the room in time!


Tuesdays are for tasty food, tenacious friends and triumphant games. But when your neighbour Dave, doesn’t get invited, he devises a plan to take you and your friends hostage in the hopes he can prove himself a worthy game night contender. Is he just a lonely guy wanting to make new friends or has he been spying on you and has something more sinister planned? Make your way through his puzzle filled house to discover the truth.

Players : 2 – 6 (min 4 on weekends)
Recommended minimum players : Any group size
Difficulty : Medium
Time : 60 mins
Suitable for all ages, group sizes and experience levels


The great Hyde Circus was once an exciting and jaw dropping show but now, there are no ticket sales, crowds or queues. As the new Director, you’ve heard rumours of foul play so you sneak into the performers trailer to find out what could be going on. Is the circus cursed or will you uncover a secret the performers have been trying to bury all these years?

Players : 2 – 8 (min 4 on weekends)
Recommended minimum players : 4
Difficulty : Hard
Time : 60 mins
Suitable for all ages, large group size and experienced teams


A man escaped from his locked cell, and became the most wanted man. Your team is to go back and find him but as you enter, the door locks and shuts behind you.

As you try to escape, you start hearing voices, but you don’t know if that’s voices in your head or you all can hear it. All you know is you need to get out before you become a patient of the Insane Asylum.

Players : 2 – 8 (min 4 on weekends)
Recommended minimum players : Any group size
Difficulty : Medium
Time : 60 mins
Suitable for all ages, group sizes and experience levels


You’re a high ranking member of the powerful Mexican Cartel but when a deal goes south, the rival Cartel starts kidnapping your men. Your boss sends you back to his house to get his passports to move his family and all flee the country.

As you arrive, you get ambushed and locked inside. You over hear their leader will get there in an hour to execute you, so you need to break free from the handcuffs, find your way around the house to get the passports and escape without getting caught!

Will you outsmart the rival Cartels before it’s too late?

Players : 2 – 8 (min 4 on weekends)
Recommended minimum players : 4
Difficulty : Medium to Hard
Time : 60 mins
Suitable for all ages, group sizes and experience levels


Placing staff in a team environment provides a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bond between coworkers.

Labyrinth Escape Rooms direct the skills of each participant to where they’re needed most; improving conflict management and cooperation between teams.


Thanks to our varied design and stimulating skills-based problems, Labyrinth Escape Rooms offer a unique environment for dynamic team encounters.

Propel colleagues into an exciting and exhilarating shared experience that will be spoken about for months to come.


By far one of the greatest benefits of the Labyrinth Escape Room experience is seeing coworkers develop lasting bonds to one another.

By working together towards a common goal, teams are brought closer together and real friendships are the result.


This type of team building activity allows managers to recognise participant strengths and weaknesses to assist them in a corporate setting.

Managers and their staff are coming back time and again to improve their collaborative efforts, and to grow stronger as a unified team.



Please note: we have a minimum of 4 players per room on weekends.




MONDAY - FRIDAY / 1:15PM - 10:15PM

SATURDAY - SUNDAY / 9:45AM - 10:15PM

Please contact us on 0448 615 195 if you wish to make a 'same day' booking as we may still have some slots available,
or if you wish to book outside our normal business hours.

Please note: we have a minimum of 4 players per room on weekends.

Labyrinth Escape Room Coupon Parramatta

I took my team from work, had an awesome time. It’s great for team building and breaking down barriers. When I first told our team about the day, a lot didn’t want to go, I have been thanked and sent texts thanking me for arranging it since we left. I definitely recommend this it would be awesome for families with older kids or friends as well. Not you average team building activity.

Great escape room! Nice level of difficulty – challenging but not baffling. 3 people (all aged in late 20s) was an ideal number, wouldn’t recommend more than 4. We ranged from very experienced to a first-timer and all equally enjoyed it. The atmosphere was absorbing (quite scary) which added to the experience. The room features a range of traditional-style puzzles and doesn’t really use technology. Ample parking is available on site and on Wandsworth St.

Labyrinth Escape Room Coupon

Came with a group of 4 and did the Insane Asylum. It was very fun and level of difficulty was just right. I could tell alot of though and effort goes into coming up with these puzzles. Room set up was amazing

Q: Can I bring more people once I've made a booking?

A: Yes, as long as your total booking doesn’t exceed the maximum number of players for the room For e.g., if you booked for 2 people, and six friends decided to join on the day, the difference can be paid on arrival in one transaction to save time and get you in the room faster.

Q: I've never played an escape game before - do you have any tips?

A: You can expect a fun and safe environment. We suggest you first start by searching the room for clues – be thorough! Then work with your teammates to solve the various types of puzzles or problems. Cooperation, teamwork and different approaches to solving things are the best ways to succeed

Q : Are we blindfolded the entire time? I also heard we get handcuffed. Is this true?

A : No. We only blindfold you at the start of your game when entering the room. You will be led to the room by your game master and have the storyline read to you. Once the timer starts, you can remove your blindfolds. Only in the Mexican Cartel room will you be handcuffed. Your game master will lead you to your position, handcuff you and give you your storyline before exiting. Please call us on 0448 615 195 if you wish to have a female staff member. We will do our best to accommodate this request however in the event one is not available, we will alter the start of the game so no staff member will physically touch you to lead you inside the room.

Q: My team is super eager to try the escape room and we have arrived early! Can we start earlier?

A: We love your enthusiasm however we have a tight schedule and do start on time. If your team arrives early, you will need to wait outside until we have finished resetting the room.

Q: Where can I park?

Unfortunately we do not have any onsite parking. There is 3 hour parking across the road at Entrada/Coles where the entrance is on Ross Street. There is also 4 hours free street parking on Sorrell St and Palmer street. Our closest council car park is Secure Parking Riverbank, off Phillip Street.

Q: Is the game scary? Will anyone jump out and scare us?

A: Our rooms offer an ‘eerie’ feel through atmospheric elements such as lighting, effects, or items and props. We also use several real antiques and period elements to create a stronger feeling of authenticity. There are props in the rooms that may frighten you but no one will jump out at you. Our rooms are dimly lit and somewhat creepy, however the vibe is meant to be a fun and exciting team experience.

Q: Is it safe to play? Can I exit the room during the game? What if I’m claustrophobic?

A: Your safety is our top priority! You may exit from the room during any point of the game. The game is all about solving puzzles to find your way out. Many people who are claustrophobic have reported that they felt no symptoms of claustrophobia in the rooms. However, if someone feels unwell for any reason, there is an emergency button in every room allowing people to exit the room at any time. And no, that doesn’t count as ‘escaping’. All of our rooms are monitored by security cameras allowing us to assist you and provide a hint or clue if you’re stuck on a particular puzzle.

Q: What is the appropriate age for the game?

A: Our escape games are designed for persons over the age of 16. Participants who are 13 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Children will need a guardian/parent’s signature on a waiver form in order to play the game.

Q: What if we are stuck during a game and run out of ideas?

Labyrinth Escape Room Coupon Codes

A: Our games are indeed very challenging! You are encouraged to ask us for hints when needed by speaking clearly in the room. We can see and hear you and will give you clues when asked.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum size of my group?

A: We have a minimum and maximum number of players based on the selected theme, ranging from groups of 2 to 8 people. You may refer to the game information page for details.

Please note: we have a minimum of 4 players per room on weekends.

Q: Is it possible to host a birthday party/school-visit/team-building event at Labyrinth Escape Rooms?

A: Of course! Our venue is the perfect place to host your next event. Each room is suited for a maximum of 8 players and groups of up to 24 players will be divided between our 3 rooms. Companies are also encouraged to book multiple sessions where 3 groups of 8 players will be playing simultaneously every hour. Please call us to make a booking or for more information.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins? How about same day bookings?

A: Unfortunately no we do not. You must have a booking prior to arriving at our premises to avoid disappointment. We only have a limited number of sessions per day and it’s always best to book in advance. For same day bookings, please call us to check what sessions are available. If you decide to book a time and room, a 2 person deposit is required to secure the room and the remaining players can pay on arrival. This is only applicable to same day bookings.

Q: I've paid for my whole group but one person didn't show up on the day. Do I get my money back?

A: We do not offer refunds however we will provide a credit note on the difference in room cost. Please note that our costs are based on a sliding scaled so your cost per person will increase with less players in the room, hence your credit note will be less than the cost per person you initially paid for.

Q : Can I take photos or video in the game room?

A : No photos and videos are allowed. Cameras are not allowed in the room. Lockers will be provided for your personal belongings.

Q: Are bookings refundable?

A: No. All sales are final. However, we may reschedule your booking if contacted at least 24 hours prior to the reservation. We encourage all participants to arrive at least 10 minutes early in order to check belongings and be briefed on the game. Unfortunately, if you are late, it will take valuable minutes off your game time, minutes that could cost your success. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, your booking will automatically be cancelled. All sales are final. Our game is a live event, so once a booking is confirmed; refunds and cancellations are not accepted.

Q: Do you have wheelchair accessibility?

A: Unfortunately, due to the rooms being on the first floor, we don’t have wheelchair access.

[email protected]

1B Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW 2150 Australia

We currently offer 6 unique Escape Room experiences and a VR lounge

Museum Heist

You’ve just arrived for your first night as hired security at the Museum. The famous cat burglar is framing YOU and your fellow security guards for the theft of the Sultans lock. Find the burglar’s tools, follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find the Sultan’s Lock … or you and your team will all be pulling life sentences in Cell Block 4!

The Inquisition

The year is 1382. A quiet French village has been taken over by zealots. Neighbors have been taken in for questioning and aren’t being seen again. Your closest friend Amelie went missing yesterday. Rumors filled the town that she was practicing witchcraft. Was she the latest victim of Bloody Elbow? That is the name the town has given the Questioner. His bloodied robes a symbol of something dark and sinister. He has you now, locked away in his dungeon. Confess to witchcraft and be spared a painful death? Stay true to your faith by accepting your tortured passing? Or can you do the impossible……and escape?


Nefarious Professor Manafestus has set his collider on overload and is about to cause a chain reaction wiping out half the city. You will need to use all your brainpower to uncover clues within the Professor’s lab, utilize the high tech and oddball equipment inside, and disarm the radioactive reactor before it explodes!

Cell Block 4

Some say receiving a life sentence for littering was excessive. Unfortunately, you & your team ran into the toughest judge in the county. Now you’re all doing hard time in Sheepshank Prison. Luckily the guards are busy elsewhere.

Labyrinth Escape Room Portland

Curse of Osiris

Our Egyptian Tomb will give 8 participants the chance to bring out the Dr. Jones that is buried deep in all of us. It’s a tomb! What fun would it be if we gave away any more than thaT


To all of you who love that somewhat popular show on HBO or perhaps the boy with the scar. Wizardry, dragon eggs, and other mysteries await you in Dragonborne.


Use our online booking system to securely book and pay for your game. Discounts for Students available.



You’ll have 60 minutes to work as a team and solve the puzzle. Will your group make the leaderboard or will you need help?


Labyrinth Escape Room Coupon 15%

We have rooms of varying difficulty. Some clues will be easy to find and others will require all your brain power.

Got locked up in Sheepshank Prison last night, and was by far the best Escape Room I’ve ever been to. The puzzles were extremely well thought out and put together, and the props and decor made you feel like you were in lockup!

Bobby A.

Labyrinth Escape Games

We had an awesome time… very fun!! At first you think how will we ever get out of here and then you just start working together trying to figure out the clues to get more clues etc…it really makes you think and work together. Everything was very authentic and very cool. Highly recommend! Leave your phones behind and go for it!

This place was really cool! My friends and I have done about a half dozen escape rooms, this one was the most professional looking one. Great props and theming! Highly recommend!


860 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, Connecticut


655 Main St, East Haven, Connecticut