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Download Idle Supermarket Tycoon old versions Android APK or update to Idle Supermarket Tycoon latest version. Review Idle Supermarket Tycoon release date, changelog and more. Burger Tycoon: Burger Tycoon is a free resource management game. In the strategy/management game, Burger Tycoon, build your own fast-food burger empire from the ground up and then give the hungry people just what they want, nice and juicy hamburgers. Idle Supermarket Tycoon does exactly what it says on the tin. You build your own supermarket business from a simple mini-mart up. You’ll sell a wide variety of goods, from bread all the way to. Features of Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game on PC With all your passion for playing Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game, you hands are not supposed to be limited on a tiny screen of your phone. Play like a pro and get full control of your game with keyboard and mouse. MEmu offers you all the things that you are expecting.

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon Best Epic Upgrades
Idle Supermarket Tycoon Guide

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Guide. Idle Supermarket Tycoon Best Epic Upgrades. Added: Sep 16th, 2019. Seal of Quality might be a good pick if you are willing to spend real money on the game - for you can only unlock it through in-app purchase. This will however multiply your profits by 2.

Seal of Quality might be a good pick if you are willing to spend real money on the game -- for you can only unlock it through in-app purchase. This will however multiply your profits by 2 which is, without a question, great. If you are willing to spend on this Epic Upgrade, you might want to purchase it early in the game to make the most out of it.
However, if you are playing the game free and want to keep it that way, there are several good picks to prioritize unlocking in the game. As you can see in the Epic Upgrade section of the game, the skills will cost you varied amounts of gems -- which gives a hint that the skills that costs higher should relatively be the “more” important ones. Take note though that there are those that get unlocked one-time and you’ll enjoy their full passive buff in one go, and the ones where you’ll have to upgrade many times in order to improve their passive buff.
An example of the one-time purchase passive buff are the different department managers -- which improves the productivity of your choice of department by 50%. What this upgrade actually does is improve the speed of your employees -- so they are able to (technically) serve more customers over the same period of time. For instance, if a department can serve 10 customers per minute prior to the upgrade, you’ll get it up to 15 customers per minute after unlocking the Epic Upgrade.
Among all the Epic Upgrade managers, you might want to limit unlocking the Produce, Bakery, Car Dealership, and Real Estate managers. The reason for the Produce and Bakery Manager is simple; whenever you re-start onto the concluding city, you always start from zero -- which means you’ll have to prioritize leveling up your first two departments in order to fund the growth of your supermarket. Of course, you won’t necessarily have to upgrade everything else because at the end of the day, what you’ll ever need are the true money makers -- the last two departments; Car Dealership and Real Estate Agency.
Another good pick to unlock early on the game is the Epic UpgradeCompulsive Customers -- which basically improves the walking pace of the customers inside your supermarket. Technically, the faster they walk, the faster they finish doing their business. Just see to it though, that you constantly monitor the flow of people -- especially those waiting on queue lines both on the check out counters and those in the cashier. A quick tip in relation to this; don’t waste the chance of getting the buff on checkout counters and cashier -- but be mindful when to actually use them as their duration is not the same.
Use the buff on the checkout counters, and wait until the queue in your cashier starts to build up (you can check the cashier stats and see if the line indicator turns red) -- it is important to know that if the customer becomes irate and leaves the line, it wouldn’t count as an actual sale -- therefore you would miss the chance to earn from them. This is detrimental to your overall performance, especially if you’ve got lots of paying customers that purchased something from the Car Dealership or the Real Estate agency.
What this means is that although it is relatively helpful to improve the pace of your customers and the productivity of your departments (from the Epic Upgrade and upgrading their salary), the capacity of the cashier lines should keep up as well in order to gain the benefit of these buffs. Make sure to unlock all cashier lines, and upgrade them to their highest capacity.
Later on, you might want to unlock and improve on the Robotic assistanceEpic Upgrade -- which improves the service speed of the cashier lines. However, during our time playing the game, using the random bonus buffs where sufficient enough to keep the whole process manageable.
Another Epic Upgrade that you might want to consider unlocking and upgrading as well is the VIP marketing -- which improves the value that the yellow car rewards you every time you click on it. Both Gems and Cash rewards are very useful. Cash reward will totally help you especially when re-building your supermarket (new city), while the gems will help you purchase/unlock more Epic Upgrades.
Family Marketing is also a good pick to unlock -- which will definitely improve the foot traffic in your supermarket. Think of it like improving the capacity of your car park as it technically works the same way. Improving the car park will definitely invite more people to flock your supermarket, but the bottleneck comes when your parking is full (which then makes you rely on buses to transport more people). When you unlock this Epic Upgrade, you’ll immediately start to see improvement in foot traffic as you’d never need to rely on buses to transport people any longer. Take note though on upgrading this skill as it will (most of the time) get the customers irate because checkout counters and cashier lines will have a hard time keeping up on their pace.
Epic Upgrades (quick cheat sheet):
notes: ( ** ) - increases value per upgrade
Seal of Quality - will increase profits by 2 **
Compulsive Customers - customers move 5% ** faster
Produce Manager - will increase produce department’s productivity by 50%
Bakery Manager - will increase bakery’s productivity by 50%
Butcher Shop Manager - will increase butcher shop productivity by 50%
Seafood Dept. Manager - will increase seafood dept. productivity by 50%
Clothing Dept. Manager - will increase clothing dept. productivity by 50%
Perfume Dept. Manager - will increase perfume dept. productivity by 50%
Electronics Dept. Manager - will increase electronics dept. productivity by 50%
Telecom Dept. Manager - will increase telecom dept. productivity by 50%
Jewelry Dept. Manager - will increase jewelry dept. productivity by 50%
Perfume Dept. Manager - will increase perfume dept. productivity by 50%
Car Dealership Manager - will increase car dealership productivity by 50%
Real Estate Agency Manager - will increase real estate agency productivity by 50%
Express Delivery - increases the delivery vans' profits by 50% **
Robotic assistance - cashiers attend to customers 5% ** faster
Family Marketing - will increase the chance of multiple people traveling in one car by 5% **
Labor Subsidy - will reduce salary cost by 2% **
Provider Agreement - will reduce cashier cost by 2% **
VIP marketing - earn greater rewards from VIP customers by a 10% ** percentage **
Tax Cuts - will increase city earnings multiplier by 1% **
Rush Hour - will increase the maximum time for advertising campaigns by 30 minutes **
Different R&Ds - reduces a pertaining department’s (of your choice) improvement costs by 2% **

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Franchise Tycoon

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon Franchise Guide

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