How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Mac

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In this Video Tutorial, I will be showing you how to fully use Photo Booth on Mac. I will in the tutorial cover how to do your own 'custom effects' as well. In the Photo Booth app on your Mac, if you see the View Photo button or the View Video button, click it to see the Take Photo button or Record Video button. If the Record Video button isn’t showing, at the bottom left, click the Record a movie clip button. Click the Record Video button. Click the Stop button when you finish recording.

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I don't have a /System/Library/Compositions Folder. Where does it come from? Is it in a default installation or did you something special to get it?
I do have a Compositions folder somewhere in /Development containing examples, which came with XCode. But it seems to be a different set of effects.

In addition to my previous comment:
Is it possible, that this is kind of a 'Tiger-Only' hint?
I just checked all my Macs. The folder only appeared on machines that originally came with Tiger and where upgraded later on. My younger Leopard and Snow Leopard machines do not contain this folder.


How To Add Photo Booth Effects On Mac

I do have a /System/Library/Compositions folder on Snow Leopard. I verified that it was installed by the Essentials.pkg from the SL disk.

Do you use a language other than English as your system language?
The folder's name is localized, so e.g. in a German Mac OS X, it would be 'Kompositionen' instead of 'Compositions'.

What's the reason Apple is hiding these from iChat and PhotoBooth by default?

So I'm somewhat new to Mac and Unix, but love how accessible everything is for users to modify. I did as the article said and downloaded TextWrangler to edit the text, but I cant find the section you mentioned. I tried using the search option with the app, but nothing would come up. I don't know of any other way to locate the text other than reading each file line by line. Any suggestions on where to locate that area for removal?

Alright... it's official-I'm an idiot. Realized the error of my ways and beg for forgiveness from the intellectually gifted Mac community.

Wow. Thanks for this. I knew about the sample application that came with the developer tools that yet you see these, but I didn't know you could import them into Photo Booth like this.

Just thought I should mention I suffered my first kernel panic in at least 6 months while editing some of the files using plist editor. I'm on Snow Leopard with a 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro w/ 4 GB RAM.
Maybe Apple made these unavailable because they aren't 100% stable? Of course my panic could have been a weird coincidence too.

As pointed out in this previous hint, some effects may have been written in 32bit code. If this is the case, you should set iChat and Photo Booth to run in 32bit mode.
If this is not the case, be sure that all editing is done from the /Library/Compositions folder and that neither iChat nor PhotoBooth are running while you're editing the files.

I like the hint a lot - BTW: I count 26 in your list not 24.

Hmm… You're right! That means that two of them didn't work at all. I'll have to check the list again.

When I use QuickLook to view the files, I see the Apple image embedded in each file. But, when I use the file as a PhotoBooth background, the Apple image is no longer present.
I have not modified the text in the files yet. But what is the reason that the text within the files should be modified. Thanks.

How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Mac

The apple logo indicates that a feed is passed through the effect when used properly. If the effect is used as you described, it's showing as a background rather than an effect.

Note that the folder name is /System/Library/Compositions not /System/Library/Compostions

Fun hint!
But two of the Quartz files didn't have the excludedHosts key: CopyMachine.qtz and Swing.qtz. They don't show up in Photo Booth, either.

Those are the two extra. Sorry, they should have not made it to the list. There are in fact, only 24.

Same problem with Copy Machine and Swing - can't find the parameters to delete.
Also when I edited the other ones, I can use the effects on the first new page, but when trying to access the next new page, the app crashes every time.

How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Macbook Pro

Again, this may be due to this previous hint. Possibly, some of the effects are actually running in 32bit.

Imac Photo Booth Effects Download

not really mentioned here... but you can drag any of those .qtz files into the 'Preview' window of the Screensaver prefpane.
some of them (like Wall / Travelator / Fall / Moving Images / Stix) even came with some oddly named preferences in the 'Options' button.
'Image Hose' even appears to have a dropzone in the 'Options' to drag your own picture in. (haven't tried it yet.)
some of them don't work at all... or seemingly. but all the ones i listed do. and probably some of the others.
make for pretty minimalist screensavers... but that is what i like anyway.

these actually use a substantial amount of CPU when used as screensavers. like 25% or so.
much much more than i get even from pretty graphics intensive dedicated screensavers.
so probably not actually the best idea ever. but they do work as screensavers. FYI.

I started reviewing all the new components in iChat, however when I selected 'Film Stock.qtz' it kernel protection faulted. From that point on, iChat would protection fault just trying to scroll to the 'Show Video Effects' pane which contained that composition. After rebooting I deleted that file from my /Library/Compositions/ folder and now there are no problems using any of the new compositions. Perhaps this file also caused the protection fault mentioned by another poster. (Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo model without the NVidia chip.)

To aid with copying all these files over, you can run:

This is indeed a neat trick providing hours of fun to my kids. However I found that of the qtz files mentioned, sharpen would consistently cause Photo booth to crash.
After removing it I could play with all the other effects.
(MacBookPro, OSX 10.6.1)

I made a script to dramatically simplify this process, here. To run it, unzip it, launch Terminal (Applications/Utilities), then type: python (with a trailing space). Drag and drop the unzipped .py file into the window. Press return.