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HDM-4 Version 2.10 Upgrade is now available free to registered HDM-4 Version 2 licence holders by downloading from the HDMGlobal website. This upgrade introduces the possibility for users to use HDM-4 with the new HDM-Sentry software tool, as well as a number of other issues identified in HDM-4 Version 2 identified below.

1) CONCRETE RD & WE: The absolute concrete RD models did not always give reliable results unless the pavement was modelled from its construction year. This has been addressed by introducing Incremental Concrete Road Deterioration Models that better support the modelling of concrete pavements at any point within their lifecycle. These models were introduced in Version 2.09 update. This version of the software includes minor updates to these models following user feedback. (see KB0000101)

2) The Concrete Work Effects triggering and effects have been improved to support the incremental models and ensure work items trigger as expected.

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3) COMAND LINE OPTIONS: Enhance command line options for HDM-4 to include the ability to:

  • create a new workspace
  • open a specified workspace
  • import data from a pre-defined folder structure
  • run a specified analysis from the selected workspace

4) VEHICLE FLEETS: If a user updated the number of axles and then clicked on the 'Calculate ESAL' button, the data just entered by the user was not used in the calculator. This issue has been resolved.

5) IMPROVEMENT STANDARDS: In certain circumstances, it was possible for the after works CBR to be set to 0. This resulted in errors in the calculation of the pavement strength. This error also affected the calculation of other parameters resulting in incorrect IRI values.

6) PROGRAMME ANALYSIS: If the user selected the muti-year forward programming option in-year pothole patching works were not always being triggered. This has now been corrected.

7) STRATEGY ANALYSIS: If a user created a new strategy analysis and then renamed, or copied the new strategy, any changes made to the original strategy analysis were lost. This has now been corrected.

8) PROGRAMME ANALYSIS: If a user created a new programme analysis and then renamed, or copied the new strategy, any changes made to the original programme analysis were lost. This has now been corrected.

9) IMPROVEMENT STANDARD: If a section was upgraded from a bituminous to concrete road, the average roughness was incorrectly reported in the first year after upgrading. This has now been corrected.

10) IMPROVEMENT STANDARD: When upgrading from an unsealed road to a bituminous road, the CBR value was not being retained so when certain work items were applied the after works pavement strength was not being calculated correctly. This has now been corrected.

11) SPEED FLOW TYPES: When copying an existing speed flow type, a new item was created but the original's values were overwritten by the default values. This error has been corrected.

12) REPORTS: New graphical reports for concrete pavements have been introduced. (see KB0000101)

HDM-4 is a software package and associated documentation which will serve as the primary tool for the analysis, planning, management and appraisal of road maintenance, improvements and investment decisions.

In 1998, The World Road Association (PIARC) was entrusted by the stakeholders of the ISOHDM Project (International Study of Highway Development and Management) with the intellectual property rights of the software system known as HDM-4. Accordingly it has co-financed the development work culminating in HDM-4 Version 2.

The World Road Association Council, on the recommendation of the General Secretariat of PIARC, decided in 2004 to set up a service concession for the management, development, marketing, sales and support of HDM-4 Version 2 software. Following a call for competitive proposals and after careful evaluation the contract was awarded to HDMGlobal, an international consortium centred on the University of Birmingham.

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Commitments of the concessionaire are defined by this contract and include:

  • Organisation of the dissemination of the HDM-4 technology;
  • Dissemination and update of the technical documentation;
  • Sales and distribution of the HDM-4 Version 2 software and documentation;
  • Assistance and services to users;
  • Dedicated Internet Website;
  • Organisation of an HDM4 Users' Club;
  • Organisation of training courses and workshops;
  • Corrections, updates and evolution of the software.

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  • Visit the HDMGlobal website for further information: www.hdmglobal.com
  • Other requests for information can email HDMGlobal: [email protected]