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Patch Notes- Ice Burner Rotation- Magic Wardrobe Update - Item Mall Sale - Item Mall Sale Removal Ice Burner. (Elsword to Rose) Visual Combo Rangers.

Elsword is a game filled with fun and mini-games, These critics really should play the games they criticize for more than jut 2 hours. Elsword is a game filled with fun and mini-games, events, activities. And one of the most updated games I've ever seen, there's always an update and main event every month, new characters coming out from the.

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We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some. Welcome to Elwiki, a multilingual database for the game Elsword, containing information from various servers. Elwiki specializes in North American and South Korean data, however all other data from other servers are welcome. This wiki is currently maintained by anybody.

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HI! Since old threads are dead, so I decided to post a new one, since former elsword players are inactive now due to TF2 and PSO2 and so forth. However I'm still stay on this great game lol. So I need a list of currently active elsword players here in KR or NA elsword. (currently more active in KR since new cool stuff coming out around this month onward).
My IGN is :
MazuSK (gaia)
Shuen (Solace)
RavenicEnglish Elsword

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  • All-Star Cast: The Japanese dub casts some big-name voice actors as the main characters — Kenichi Suzumura as Elsword, Rie Kugimiya as Aisha, Yui Horie as Rena, Mamoru Miyano as Raven, Mamiko Noto as Eve, Miyuki Sawashiro as Chung, Satomi Sato as Ara, Marina Inoue as Elesis, Ryohei Kimura as Add, Yuka Iguchi as Lu, Noriaki Sugiyama as Ciel, Ami Koshimizu as Rose (also count as Role Reprisal), Shunsuke Takeuchi as Ain, and Emiri Katou as Laby.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Chung in Korean, Japanese, Indonesian (now closed), and English. Also Elsword too, but in Korean and Indonesian (closed).
  • Fan Nickname: Chung has the most nicknames among the fans.
    • PuppyChung: His eyes have paw prints for pupils and his hair looks like puppy ears.
    • PikaChung: Both ends of his hair have a patch that resembles a certain Pokemon's ears. Once the Shelling Guardian/Tactical Trooper class line came out, this was applyed to them due to how those bits stick up like ears.
    • Chungdam: His futuristic armors and his cannon has led to him being mistaken for a Gundam. Especially as Tactical Trooper.
    • Chungina: A female variation of Chung, used due to frequently being mistaken for a girl, on account of his young, and overly cute looks. This nickname began to fade away as he takes on Shooting Guardian route, but is further enhanced as Fury Guardian. Greatly enhanced during the 2011 April Fool's Day event in Korean version, when all characters have been Gender Swapped.
      • Chung's Iron Paladin promotion (upgraded from Fury Guardian) further enforces it; his hair is down to his rear, and his armor gains three inch heels. Some of the promotional art for this form has a distinctly hourglass-ish waist, too.
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    • Iron Princess: Chung's Iron Paladin class is called this, due to the above.
    • Elboy: The fandom's Affectionate Nickname for the titular character (and to disambiguate him from the title itself).
    • Elebro: Elesis during the April Fool 2014 event in KR
    • Batman: Elesis' Dark Knight class is sometimes called this. The reason is obvious.
    • Pizza Seeker: Arc Tracer's Phantom Seeker skill. Name is taken from a Tumblr fad that replaces the disks of Phantom Seeker with a pair of pizzas.
    • Bird Dad for Raven, due to his Team Dad status combined with his name and the crow motif he gains as Veteran Commander.
    • Mochi: Erbluhen Emotion. Before the official spelling of his name was revealed, he was known only as 'Ebeuluhen Amochion', the literal hangul reading for his name in Korean.
  • No Dub for You: Downplayed in Japanese version. It has no NPC voice acting in dialogues of Epic Quests and Tutorials. It's also does not help that Ariel's seiyuuhas passed away.
    • Taiwanese and Thainote version kept the Korean voice. While the Chinese version discontinued from voice acting, leaving some partial dub.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Most servers around the world usually hold annual contests for costume designing and, occasionally, accessory designing.
  • Playing Against Type: Brian Beacock as Raven and Bryce Papenbrook as Add.
  • What Could Have Been: During development, the character Elsword was originally meant to be related with Elesis from Grand Chase, and Aisha and Rena were originally named Arme and Lire respectively. However, due the copyright reasons and Elsword and Grand Chase being hosted by different companies, this idea was scrapped.
    • Sakra Devanam's designs were to emphasize her curves more and give her more provocative movements and poses, but this was decided against. Signs can be seen on the artist Sando's home page a few pages back Here (While safe for work, may have some mildly provocative pictures.)
      • Yama Raja which appears to be the 'sexier' class is done by another artist known as Slyph.
    • By digging in to the client data, you'll find that Raven's Sword Taker class was originally named Soul Taker. The fact that he can leech opponents' HP with one (later two) skill as well as the text '+300 SOUL' when you used an Awakening Potion may be a reference to this. Later on they did make a class with a similar, but more developed concept: Elesis' Dark Knight.
  • The Wiki Rule: Naturally.


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English Elsword

Dedicated Page for Eluminos Guild at Elsword Japan

Awesome, Stylish, Kawai, Moe, Baik Hati dan Rajin Menabung. Guild Leader – Varukirie

Main Index
1. Introduction
2. Rules

Recruitment Status : Still Open, Drop a FB Message or Ingame PM if you want to join or Comment Below ~


Eluminos – Introduction

We are Indonesian player that play at Elsword Japan for various reason [Example : Kurisutaru really hate those [email protected]#$ing Barbel for managing Elsword IDN #TrueFact]. We do accept player worldwide but main chat must be Indonesian / English [found chat beside these language = kicked].
Founded on 11 December 2013 [11/12/13].
I offer help for dailies routine like Leveling, Technical Support, or something that you dont understand.
I dont offer help if there is something trouble with your account [Like Account Lock, etc etc] or VPN unless you’re out of help

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Eluminos – Rules

  • Must be Mature
  • Must be Active*
  • Helping each other
  • No Begging
  • No Cheat / Hack
  • Do / Don’t Do at Elsword Japan
  • Language : Indonesian or English
  • OPTIONAL : DO NOT ARENA ! UNLESS YOU REALLY GOT LOW PING [Range 0~150MS Impossibru for foreigner using arena, tested with My Guildmates]
This Rules Dynamically changed during the run ~

Ain Elsword English

Prior to Active Member, Just login and logout = In-Active, since you dont contribute anything to Guild. Offline more than 1 Week without tell / notice Me = Kick.

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