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ICON0 eboot.pbp FW 6.60

Welcome to the PSX on PSP eBoots archive. Here you can download our collection of PSX2PSP Eboots as well as official PSN eboots for free. New English Patched. Lunar: Silver Star Story. McDonald's eCDP. PSX2PSP is a tool for converting Playstation (PS1) game ISO/BIN files to PSP Eboots for use with PSP systems which have custom firmware. Eboots created using this will not work on PSP with Official Firmware Download PSX2PSP. Create a folder and name it Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis then drag the converted EBOOT.PBP file into that folder Then drag that folder to the /PSP/GAME folder and then play via Game Menu memory Stick. PSP Firmware Update 6.61 download page. Download EBOOT.PBP free. PSP Firmware Update Size: 31.1Mb. Downloaded: 284,910 times. The pbp file extension is probably best known for its use for Sony Playstation Portable video gaming consoles. The pbp file contains firmware image or update. Homebrew applications for the PSP usually consist of an EBOOT.PBP file which can be launched directly from a Memory Stick either on v1.00 firmware or by use of a known exploit in 1.50.

  • 1Eboot.PBP
    • 1.3Content Information Files
    • 1.4DATA.PSP
Selection window

Used on PSP (PSP remaster and PSN content:PS1 classic & Minis), to be loaded with build in PSP emulator on PS3. See: Emulation page

With PSP remaster game, you can select either to start the game directly or the NPJA0040/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN (Ad-Hoc Party folder). An ICON of the game is also loaded on the top left corner on the menu.

Used also for PSP FW from PS3 internet browser (http://www.jp.playstation.com/psp/update/ud_03.html) correct link if available in English) to transfer on PSP or external storage device.

Header and filetable[edit]

0x00The PBP signature, always is 00 50 42 50 or the string '<null char>PBP'
0x04Unknown purpose, possibly the version number. Currently is always 0x00000100 or 0x01000100 (some MINIS, PSP remaster and PSP PlayView)
0x08Offset of the file PARAM.SFO (this value should always be 0x28)
0x0COffset of the file ICON0.PNG
0x10Offset of the file ICON1.PMF or ICON1.PNG
0x14Offset of the file PIC0.PNG or UNKNOWN.PNG (Value can be repeated)
0x18Offset of the file PIC1.PNG or PICT1.PNG
0x1COffset of the file SND0.AT3
0x20Offset of the file DATA.PSP
0x24Offset of the file DATA.PSAR

Then the file PARAM.SFO starts (at 0x28)


Basically the information file for the .PBP - has title, parental control level etc

Fews parameters inside different type of .pbp (psp remaster, psp game, minis, ps1 classic..)

For the external PS3 SFO, see the param.sfo page. Some parameters such SAVEDATA_DETAIL related but used separately from the eboot.pbp as well.

For PS1 classic, offset .SFO should not be variable on eboot.pbp.

(e.g.: Title of the game should start at offset 0x358 with category: ME, not as EG)

Key (Parameters)DescriptionFormat (DATA TYPE)Max lengthValue exampleUsed onNote
APP_VERApplication or Patch Versionutf-881.00PS1 classic should not have this parameter.
ATTRIBUTEVarious parameterinteger401 00 60 01PS1 classic do not have attribute.
BOOTABLEIs bootable or notinteger401 00 00 00Parameters PS1 classic should start from here.
CATEGORYCategory of Contentutf-84--Category of PSF, as per the table above.
DISC_IDProduct number of the game(?)integer16 (0X10)NPXX12345Equal to Game ID for PS3, see DiscID
DISC_NUMBER--integer41Which disc (out of DISC_TOTAL) is this? (Counts from 1.)
DISC_TOTAL--integer41Total number of UMD discs for this game.
DISC_VERSION--utf-881.00Version of the game(?), e.g. '1.00'
DRIVER_PATH--utf-864 (0x40)--
LICENSELicense informationutf-8512 (0x200)--
MEMSIZE--integer41add extra RAM for eboot (Not for PSP-1000), first used on homebrew: snes TYL
PARENTAL_LEVELParental Lock Levelinteger4'3'Minimum parental control level needed to access this file (1-11, 1=general audience, 5=12 years, 7=15 years, 9=18 years) //E.G.:Set as 3 on ModNation Racers
PBOOT_TITLE--utf-8128 (0x80)--Used on PBOOT.PBP (Update)
PSP_SYSTEM_VER--utf-886.35Version of PSP system software required to run the game(?)
REGION--integer400 80 00 00Bitmask of allowed regions. 0x8000 is region 2?
TITLEGame Title (Default language)utf-8128 (0x80)--Text shown under the 'Game' heading in the save game menu.
TITLE_XXGame Titleutf-8128 (0x80)--Localized version of the TITLE attribute: See Languages
UPDATER_VER--utf-886.60Used by the firmware updater program to denote the version it upgrades the firmware to. Category MG, on PSP_GAME: SYSDIR/UPDATE/PARAM.SFO if not empty
  • LANGUAGE category MG Language of the game. 'JP' indicates Japanese.


  • MINIS used are for X1 category ATTRIBUTE_In_Bootable_content


PSPPS3 SFO relatedNote
EGMNPSP Essentials or Extended or External (or Episode) Games? Minis
EGPEPSP remaster (and in others only PSP released games?)
EGPPNot bootable on PS3
ME1PPS1 Classic
MGNoMemoryStick Game?. For update FW :MSTKUPDATE, Apps game and Game data (for param.pbp , not as save data). PP on PS3 is possible.
MSNoMemoryStick Save for Game&apps (PSP remaster also)
UGNoUMD Disc Game
PGPPGame update


Some special titles from sony utility apps:

  • NPIA00013 (SensMe) http://www.playstation.com/psp-app/sensme/en/download_pc.html

Update for Game (PBOOT.PBP): some values

APP_VER: 1.01 or more

ATTRIBUTE: 01 00 00 00



Content Information Files[edit]

For PS3:Content_Information_Files


The little icon in 32bit colour PNG format. Max resolution is 144x80.

: 80x80

: 80x80 (same used on savedata)


: 144x80

ICON1.PMF or ICON1.PNG[edit]

The little animated icon in PSMF format or image in PNG.

:ICON1.PNG (310x180)

:ICON1.PNG (310x180)



'Information' image in PNG format. Max resolution is 480x272.




PIC1.PNG or PICT1.PNG[edit]

The background image in 32bit colour PNG format. Max resolution is 480x272.

:PICT1.PNG (480x272)

:PICT1.PNG (480x272)


: PIC1.PNG (480x272)


The sound which is played when the icon is highlighted, in ATRAC3 format.


: not present.


Eboot Pbp Psp Rom

: not present.


More information, except more targeted at the executable portion (contains info such as ELF size):

Boot & Warning image:[edit]

Logo screen from eboot.pbp

Minis warning logo
  • :

'minis'boot logo (visual content is similar than the file located on dev_flash/pspemu/flash0/logo/minis_logo/)

Display on Screen from PS3 side might be altered according to the FW.

PNG format (480x272)

Not all Minis games have the second

  • :
0x0016-~PSP (7E 50 53 50 00 02 01 00 01 01 20)
0x2C-SizeLength first part / offset second part (40 25)
  • :
Menu screen bin

Menu screen selection image for PSP Remaster located in PSP_EMU.

See Emulator settings


  • When the eboot is signed as free demo (PSP 6.60 OFW might block it, 6.39 no)


The bulk of the EBOOT, and the portion which contains the executable code.

0x0016 bytes (0x10)magic


See Iso.bin.edat_Disc_map


  • Note: this 'identifier' seems to be separated in: 8 + 4 + 4 bytes:
  • PSTITLEIMG000000: Not present on all PS1 Classic and followed also by 4 bytes giving length of first part. After one .pgd part and padding, 'PSISOIMG0000' + 4bytes as 00.

  • PGD:

For PGD on JPCSP: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=3834

0x4004 bytes (0x4)magicPGD
0x4044 bytes (0x4)unknown01 00 00 00
0x4084 bytes (0x4)unknown01 00 00 00
0x40C4 bytes (0x4)unknown00 00 00 00
  • STARTDAT :header contain the header size (50) and .png size (e,g,:'A5 2F' when similar MINIS Warning logo or 06 26 for PSP remaster).

Last part is other .PGD section

PSP XMB referenced it as 'game data'. Used by: PlayView、 DLC/add on.

0x00400 50 42 50The PBP signature is similar than eboot.pbp
0x04401 00 01 00Unknown purpose, possibly the version number. Currently is always similar (also on 1.00 or 1.02 disc_version)
0x08428 00 00 00Offset of the file PARAM.SFO (this value should always be 0x28)
0x0C4DC 01 00 00Offset of the file ICON0.PNG 144x80 (similar since same parameters are used)
0x104xx xx 00 00Offset of the file ICON1.PNG 310x180 ('information')
0x144xx xx 00 00repeat Offset of the file ICON1.PNG
0x184xx xx 00 00Offset of the file PIC1.PNG 480x272 ('Background') not all Playview have it (and so, offset second part)
0x1C4xx xx xx 00Offset second part of the file
0x204xx xx xx 00repeat second part of the file
0x244xx xx xx 00repeat second part of the file

Psp Eboot.pbp To Iso Converter

Then the file PARAM.SFO starts (at 0x28) with following parameters (see above for length or purpose):

  • BOOTABLE: 00 00 00 00
  • DISC_ID :
  • DISC_VERSION: '1.00' , '1.02'
  • PSP_SYSTEM_VER: 1.00
  • REGION : 00 00 80 00
Eboot Pbp Psp
  • USE_USB: 00 00 00 00

Then the ICON0 (should) start (at 0x1DC)


After the 2 or 3 .png, the second part of the file start (length is always 0x20).

  • PSARdumper

Note: This PSAR dumper is for firmware packages

  • PRXdecrypter

Note: Is a modification of psardumper that can decrypt other files as MODULES.PRX or EBOOT.BIN

  • PBP Unpacker
Eboot Pbp Psp

Note: Some feature (KEYS.BIN is used by PS1 classic on PSP):

  • Guide Running homebrew on PS3 via PSP emulator (minis)
  • PSP homebrew - libLZR v0.11

Eboot.pbp Psp Games Download

Note: The library de- and encodes LZR streams (as used in the Sony PSP firmware).

  • psxtract, a tool to convert psx eboots to iso
  • Document.dat (manual) resource:

More information about the PSAR: http://www.ps3devwiki.com/files/documents/-SONY%20PS3%20SDK%20Documentation/360.01/cell/en/html/file_access/PSARC-Users_Guide_e.htm

For structure (and history of research): http://lan.st/showthread.php?t=258

For files related to EBOOT.PBP (keys.bin, document.dat etc...), basic infos on the talk page also.

Eboot Pbp Psp Emulator

For history of the page: original link for PBP structure) http://endlessparadigm.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=13

Full Psp Eboot Games

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Eboot.pbp Games For Psp How To Play

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