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Futari、Atatameau CD「Harutsuge to Yuki Musuko」Daisanshou Ritsuka
ふたり、温めあうCD「春告と雪息子」第三章 リツカ

CV: Kimura Ryohei

Mune-kyun level: 3.5/5(He’s a cute lil’ shit)

Otome Game / Unboxing Unboxing: Korean Releases of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (Limited Edition) and 7’scarlet. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (黒蝶のサイケデリカ/검은 나비의 사이키델리카) and 7’scarlet (세븐스칼렛) recently had Korean localizations released on January 9th and February 20th. The window will be redirected to Full Manga Drama CD, enjoy watching If you have good internet speed, you can unlock the video in only 3 minutes. You may need to complete other offer to watch other Manga Drama CD. Listen to new BLCD, drama cd audio mp3 online. Watch and download manga drama BL CD online. Type: Otome Drama CD Label: Rejet Tokuten: 1st Release Cast Free Talk A4 Clear File (Animate Full Vol Purchase) Release Date(s)↴ 2018.03.28 Season I Berno (CV. Ryohei Kimura ) 2018.04.25 Season II Name (CV. Kenji Nojima) 2018.05.23 Season III Taichi (CV. Kousuke Toriumi) 2018.06.27 Season IV Sariko (CV. No drama needed; Be civil: Insulting/flaming/bashing others is not allowed. Users that show abusive/toxic behavior will first be kicked and then expelled from our server. If you’re having problems with a video, please report it. Use English: Other languages are allowed in limited capacity, but English should be used primarily.

R-18?: No

Craziness level: 2/5 (still considerably tamed!!)

Dummy-head mic used?: Yes

(Ahead with more mysteries.)

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Hey guys!! My school semester has finally ended and I have more time to write reviews now!

I have two announcements I want to make and the first is that I would not be writing any more reviews for thanatos night revival as this entire season has been a disappointment. Remember how I said that Nia might have some hope? My expectations and hopes had been completely shattered. From what I have heard so far, everything is just a plain repeat of the first season and to be very honest, I have lost interest in revival and would not be writing on it anymore.

Also, I might be doing more of random write ups of random volumes rather than working on one entire series as I would start to lose motivation to write the reviews (looks sadly at harutsuge)

Other than that, I will try to get some reviews up before I get busy with school again!!!


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hi everyone Kimi here!!! I know i haven’t been posting much but this is because i have school work to handle with every week having at least one submission:’) Yes this is shittt i know. I am considering whether to continue the thanatos night revival reviews because i listened to nia’s volume and it was the same disappointment as izaya. If y'all want me to continue it please tell me and i’ll definitely continue!!

I would probably be free around September onwards so please bare with me!!!


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Anonymous whispered:Hajimemashite and Hello. I was wondering if you would be willing to the song translations from the Thanatos Night series including Fallen Angels Night. If so, please let me know at my gmail account willitworkwithoutphone. Thanks for the summaries; they really helped. Take care. Sincerely, Bashiek

Hello Bashiek:)
I’m so sorry to say that I don’t do translation due to my Japanese not being very good. Summaries are the limit of my abilities and i can’t do translations:(((

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CV: Hatano Wataru

Mune-kyun level: 0/5

R-18?: Nope

Craziness level: 0/5

Dummy head mic used?: Yes

(on the a boring plot and utter disappointment.)

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izaya’s revival volume though…….i have a lot of things to say once i write on it which is idk when because i’m busy with assignments:’(

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bymyshelf-deactivated20180923 whispered:Have you heard Nia's samples for Revival yet?! 😫😫😫💔

YES I DID!!! the first sample was really interesting because it seemed like it was referring to a flashback (COMEBACK BY HEROINE MAYBE?)

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幽幻ロマンチカ 破天荒/ Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou 「Utashiro’s @rejet_info takeover」


“If you’re still awake when I return, I won’t forgive you. I wish you a nice dream for tonight…… Have a nice sleep.”

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How to open medical disc



“Pleased to meet you, thank you for your consideration! I’ll be in your care for today.”

It suddenly happens in your normal ordinary days, a beautiful young man came to visit you.
However, you cannot remember who he is……

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Otome Drama Cd Translation

Thanatos Night Drama CD Illustrations

One-Winged Fallen Angel Izaya
One-Eyed Fallen Angel Nia
Dark Fallen Angel Oliver
Playful Fallen Angel Seth
Deceitful Fallen Angel Liam
Lazy Fallen Angel Duran

*These are my own scans. Please do not repost/upload anywhere else.*

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Special Guidance Counselor No.1
Pitch-black Perfectionist (Realist), Shido Kaname
Vol.1 Shido Kaname [ CV: Takahashi Hiroki ]
October 30, 2013

Special Guidance Counselor No.2
Smoking Monomaniac (Paranoia), Nagihara Taiki
Vol.2 Nagihara Taiki [ CV: Terashima Takuma ]
November 27, 2013

Special Guidance Counselor No.3
The Most Terrible Playboy, Kazuha Kakeru
Vol.3 Kazuha Kakeru [ CV: Takahashi Naozumi ]
December 25, 2013

Special Guidance Counselor No.4
The sick demon in a lab coat, Kashu Remu
Vol.4 Kashu Remu [ CV: Kakihara Tetsuya ]
January 29, 2014

Special Guidance Counselor No.5
He who thirsted for immorality, Yanagi Ryota
Vol.5 Yanagi Ryota [ CV: Itou Kentarou ]
February 26, 2014

Special Guidance Counselor No.6
The peerless mad beauty, Tojo Kairi
Vol.6 Tojo Kairi [ CV: Hino Satoshi ]
March 26, 2014

a short story of Bad Medicine

“He” was the ideal teacher you’ve been longing for.

With that in mind, you break into the dark forbidden classroom (sanctuary) for the group of dangerous teachers’ special lesson.

This dangerous “Situation CD” will be made into two discs “White” and “Black”.


And the heart of the story will be explained in the “Dummyhead Visual Novel Game (PC for Windows)”

That time you found out about the teachers’ true selves—

Can you endure the shock (pain)?

The forbidden special guidance begins now—

Otome Drama Cd Soundcloud

Credit: Rejet

18+ Otome


Otome Drama Cd 18+ Soundcloud

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i’m still waiting for the update.. i wonder how the story end in this drama cd ^^