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In the right pane, select “Inspect Document”. Activating Word 2007’s document inspector. The “Document Inspector” dialog box will appear. Choose what types of items you want inspected (the default is to check for all items):. Comments, Revisions, Versions, and Annotations. Document Properties and Personal Information. Custom. The Document Inspector gives users an easy way to examine documents for personal or sensitive information, text phrases, and other document contents. They can use the Document Inspector to remove unwanted information; for example, before distributing a document.

How to Use Document Inspector in Word 2013


Once you have finished working on a Word 2013 document, you might want to avoid rushing into sending it to others. Documents generally contain a great deal of private information that you may not necessarily want to share. Learning how to use Document Inspector in Word 2013 is particularly useful since it allows you to see exactly what personal information is attached to the file as well as edit it. This tutorial will teach you how to use Document Inspector in Word 2013.

Document Inspector WordDocument Inspector Word

Step 1: Launch Word 2013

Step 2: Open a finished document which you wish to inspect for personal information

Step 3: Click on the File tab

Document Inspector Word

Document Inspector Word 2013

Turn off document inspector

Step 4: Click on the Info tab

Step 5: Click on Check for Issues dropdown menu and select Inspect Document

Step 6: On the Document Inspector window that opens up, check all content that you wish to inspect and click Inspect

Document Inspector Word Mac

Step 7: Document Inspector will run a quick search and give you the option of removing personal data from a document completely. An exclamation mark suggests that a particular kind of personal data is still on your document. You can click on the corresponding Remove All button to delete this data from your document

Document Inspector Word 2016

Step 8: Once you are done, click Close