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Hard Drive Repair Utility Western Digital Hard Disk Repair Tool DFL-WDII: Regenerate ATA Mod. Free wd hdd repair tool dfl wdii download. System Utilities downloads - DFL-WD II by Dolphin Data Lab and many more programs are available for instant and free download. China Dfl-Srp for Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Tool, Find details about China Seagate Firmware Repair, Firmware Repair Tool from Dfl-Srp for Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Tool - Dolphin Data Lab.

  1. Dfl Wdii Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Windows 10
  2. Wd Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Dfl-wdii Free Download
  3. Dfl Wdii Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Download
July 12, 2012 - HddPRLog -- If you want to recover more data, fix more WD hdd repair and data recovery cases, DFL-WDII is your must-have WD hdd repair tool.
DFL-WDII is one professional hdd repair tool with double built-in interfaces: IDE interface and SATA interface, users can easily connect with these two interfaces with the patient hdds without using adapters.
You can definitely have higher success rate with the following features:
1, LDR loading and intelligent SPT information acquisition for undetected WD drives;
2, Solution to ATA module missing or damaged ROM;
3, Solution to Slow initialization of new WD drives;
4, Important FW modules regeneration by LDR loading or full disks' tracking read when no detection at all;
5, Solution to WD hdd translator damage;
6, Solution to P-list damage;
7, Solution to inaccessible ID module or damaged ID module.
8, ARCO selftest for high hdd repair success rate;
9, Faster firmware read and write speed;
10, CHS-LBA;
11, Extract FW modules from tracks;
12, Force Loading to fix wd clicking drives;
13, ROM deep detection and checking;
14, DIR starting address editing;
15, Quick format SA area;
16, We offer common fw for hdd repairing;
17, Module shifting;Wdii
18, TPI and CAP configuration.
Besides, With our DFL-WDII, you can deal with our USB WD drives directly. So far, it works with detected USB WD drives but with firmware corruption. And we will soon upgrade our tool to fix undetected USB WD drives for firmware corruption.
We just added more new hdd repair features and functions as the following:
1, Edited the way of naming the firmware resource and it’s now in the format of ‘MDL + SN + FW + Micro + CYL + SPT’ to be saved;
Dfl wdii hdd firmware repair tool windows 102, Added ‘Write Common FW & ROM Repair’ function to maximize the hdd repair success rate;
3, Added ‘one click decryption solution to new WD hdds whose firmware area cannot be accessed due to encryption, HDDs with PCB 1640, 1672, 1698, etc are supported while no other similar hdd repair tools can do this one or do it with low success rate’;
4, Added ‘ To save the logs in RTF format’;
5, Added ‘Error Prompt ‘ when there’s ARCO running failure;
6, Added ‘display the ABA address of module 01-the Directory Module after extracting FW modules from the tracks;Firmware
7, Remove a bug and improve the logical scan function and the defects records will be automatically added to defects table during the scan.
You can learn more about this tool and the innovative hdd repair features with Dolphin Data Lab: http://www.datarecoverytools4u.com/product/new-wd-firmwar...

DFL-SRP USB3.0 is the new hardware for DFL-WD II and DFL-FRP For WD

Video Instruction Of DFL-WD:

DFL-WDII HDD Repair Tool.Advanced is the advanced version of DFL-WD II hdd firmware and password removal tool with one new hardware add-on-High-speed USB flash programmer pro. which is able to help fix dead hdd PCB cases with corrupted ROM.

To make it simple, DFL-WD II Advanced=DFL-WDII hdd repair tool+High-speed USB Programmer Pro.

Users can learn more about the details of DFL-WDII Advanced by visiting the link of DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and high-speed USB programmer Pro.

High-speed USB Programmer Pro. enables DFL-WDII hdd repair tool to fix more cases other similar tools cannot do, users can have a much higher success rate of WD hdd repair and data recovery in a more efficient and affordable way.

Furthermore, High-speed USB Programmer Pro. supports other HDD brands’ ROM chips and it helps data recovery engineers much more than it does for WD.

Dfl Wdii Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Windows 10

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Wd Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Dfl-wdii Free Download

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Dfl Wdii Hdd Firmware Repair Tool Download

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