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Call of Duty has surely stepped up its game with the Season 5 update in Modern Warfare and Warzone. The new update has unlocked a lot of exciting features and has opened up a lot of new potentials to spice up the game further. Most notable of these additions is the unlocked portions of the Verdansk Stadium that players can now access, making room for new strategies that can be used in the game.

Cod Mw Key Code

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Recently, some players figured out how to open the locked room on the Executive level, in the Stadium. And inside the room sits a weapon blueprint, among other loot. Now, that may not sound as exciting as it should, so let us clue you in. The Executive Room (not the official name, it is for convenience) in the Stadium remains locked and requires a code to open. CoD pro and streamer Nickmercs recently made a video about how you can access the room by cracking the code. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it!

Cracking the Executive level keypad in Call of Duty WZ and grabbing the blueprint

Spoiler alert: this is going to be tricky. Like, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade level tricky. Once at the stadium, you will find that there are 3 locked rooms on various levels of the stadium (excluding the exec room we are trying to open). And as some of you may know, these rooms open with specific key cards.

So, there are three key cards with the names ‘EL 21’, ‘CL 19’, and ‘PT 16’. The key cards are for specific locked rooms on the top floor, middle level, and ground-level, respectively. Mind you, it is highly unlikely that you will find all the 3 key cards in one match. But it is important that you find 2 of them.

Once you have unlocked 2 of these rooms, you will find a computer in each of them. Activating this computer will provide you with a code. Unless you are Sheldon Cooper, we suggest you write the codes down from both the computers you found in the two rooms.

You will see that the codes are a combination of various symbols and digits. Here comes the most important bit. If you keep the two codes side-by-side, you will see that the digits in one can replace the symbols in the other. For example, (alphabets represent symbols):

<A> 1 3 <B> 4 5 <C>

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Cod 4 mw key codeCod Mw Key Code

Cod Mw Key Code For Multiplayer

0 1 3 <B> <C> 5 4

Pc Modern Warfare Key

If these are the two codes, then we get the value of symbol A, which is 0, and that of C, which is 4. Now, since you are likely to find only 2 of these key cards, you cannot determine the value of one symbol. Once you have the values of the other symbols in this manner, finding the value of the last symbol using trial-and-error will not be tough.

Cod Mw Key Code Generator

But what sits inside the room? Because it better be worth it

Once you have opened the Executive level room, you will find many helpful items but the real prize for you, having to pull a Watch Dogs on CoD Warzone, is a weapon blueprint. Inside the room, you will find the blueprint for a new assault rifle known as the Enigma. Oh, also this blueprint is of legendary rarity. This gun will most probably be introduced in the game soon. And boy, does the gun look nasty!

We absolutely love how Warzone keeps putting these little easter eggs in the game. Remember the bunkers, anyone?

Let us know if you got it!

Source: Nickmercs YouTube