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Supported escape sequences:. terminate connection (and any multiplexed sessions) B - send a BREAK to the remote system C - open a command line R - request rekey V/v - decrease/increase verbosity (LogLevel) ^Z - suspend ssh # - list forwarded connections & - background ssh (when waiting for connections to terminate) ? - this message - send the escape character by typing it. The break sequence doesn't work all that well - i.e., it's not instantaneous. It may take it a number of seconds after you type the break sequence before it actually stops the ping.

In a previous post Serial Console on OS X I wrote about how to connect a USB-Serial converter to console into Cisco router and use the ‘screen’ command.

To perform a password recovery on a Cisco router you need to issue a “terminal break” character to interrupt the boot process. The Cisco page on terminal break shows a lot of break sequences.


Break Sequence Putty

The break sequence for “screen” is to use Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-B. The Ctrl-A shifts the focus back to the screen process (away from the serial console) and the Ctrl-B issues the break sequence.

Break Sequence

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Break Sequence Diagram

Break sequenceSequence

Break Sequence Cisco Router

You may need to break more than once. This is done by Ctrl-A, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-B.