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How to Scan the Paper Cover (a.k.a. inlay or “slick”) of a DVD

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I made a tutorial for my father on how to scan dvd covers. I decided that my tumblr needs a bit more beefing up so I’m adding it here. This is the process I came up with and not really the “absolute” way to do it. It’s just the method I use.

After you’ve decided which dvd you want to scan you need to get the cover paper (or “slick”) out from the plastic dvd case… WITHOUT HURTING IT. I’m the type who hates creases or folds so I’m always extra careful when removing the dvd’s paper (we’ll use layman’s terms and call it “paper” or “cover” for ease of understanding).

▶ STEP 1: Gently bend the dvd case backwards until both flaps are about -45º or more from the case’s flat open position.


STEP 2:Carefully get the paper cover out from either side of the edges for the plastic and the case. You don’t want it trapped in the corners. Then it gets stuck and you risk damaging it.

STEP 3: After you’ve gotten it started gently slide the paper cover out from the case.

STEP 4: Ta-da!! Now you’ve got the paper separate from the case. You’re ready to break out the scanner!


Things you’ll need for the next steps: a scanner and 2 pieces of paper. 2 pieces of paper because a dvd cover is just about 8.5” x 11” and you want to make a contrasting background the extends past the edges of the cover to define its edges.
You also want your paper to be the opposite color of what you’re scanning. If you’re scanning a white/lighter cover (like in the following examples) you’ll want black paper. If your cover is darker then a white background in needed (I think most scanners have white lids so that’s not a big issue).

STEP 5: Place your cover paper on the center of the scanner. Make sure it’s in the active scanning area so it doesn’t get chopped off when scanned.

***Note: It’s best to center your paper/image then straighten and crop it in an graphics editor later. Make sure to have leave a decent width border around the paper/image when you’re placing the paper/image on the scan bed/glass. DO NOT line it up along the edges. Some scanners do not scan along the edges of the scan bed/glass. Sort of like borderless printing vs. printing with a border.

STEP 6: Place the paper (if needed) on top of the cover. In the image below you see that it doesn’t lay flat. That’s fine since that’s taken care of in the next step. That curve/fold is the result of the weight/thickness of the cover paper being bent to the dvd case’s shape.

STEP 7: In this step we take care of the dvd cover rising up from the scanner’s glass without harming the paper.

This was an old tutorial and I’ve improved this step so this is the only recent picture.

In this case I used two old catalogs stacked on top of each other, but anything large enough to flatten the whole dvd cover. Place the catalogs or magazines over the dvd cover the take the dvd case and place that along the middle of where the cover paper is or where the spine of the dvd case was on the paper. If you don’t do this step to flatten out that middle section the cover paper will be curved when scanned (see image below the below image). This step doesn’t harm the paper and you’ll get a nice flat scan.


Below is an example of scanning without applying the case to flatten the cover and after applying the case to flatten the cover.

STEP 8: Close the scanner’s lid and apply some weight to the top when scanning. Not too much. You don’t want to break your scanner. Gently pushing down or placing a heavy book on top works just fine.

Anime Dvd Cover Scans Online

Don’t ask me what that is. Just spare me and don’t ask…

STEP 9: Reverse what you did in Steps 1-3. Be careful not to get the corners of the cover paper stuck in those edges. Once you get is in just adjust the position to align with the folds in the plastic and you’re done. ^^

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