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Looking online for some new 3D or unity shooting games to play and have fun? How about this new beta versions of Phosphor Beta 2 game? Like the first version the game it's a first-person shooter multiplayer game. Where you use your skills in shooting your enemies down. Shoot collect bonus items to survive and make it till the end. Improve your shooting skill in this new challenge called Phosphor Beta 2 games and be the best man in the game. Good luck and have fun!
  1. Phosphor Beta 2 Rasterwerks Online
  2. Rasterwerks Phosphor 2
  3. Phosphor Beta 2 Rasterwerks

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  1. Beta 2 Troubleshooting: If you encountering a 'Unable to validate server' error, try clearing the cookies for your browser (you can just delete the one for rasterwerks.com). Internet Explorer 8 and User Account Control - mouselook fix. Shockwave Diagnostic Tool.
  2. Exceem.co.uk Phosphor - Browser-Based FPS. Phosphor - Beta 2 - Rasterwerks This is pretty fun! It's a completely browser-based FPS. Anyone up for a game.

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Shooting Games: Phosphor Beta 2

Phosphor Beta 2 is the new beta version of the great free FPS Online Shooter by Rasterwerks. This new version has improved multiplayer gameplay and physics. To start the game click on the picture. Be patient the game size is big and loading might take some time.
Not suitable for kids under age of 12!
total plays: 32167 - plays per day: 10.4

Same gameplay as in Phosphor Beta 1.

Phosphor Beta 2 Rasterwerks Online

Rasterwerks Phosphor 2

Beta Needs Macromedia Shockwave player and some extension for the player.2 rasterwerks

Phosphor Beta 2 Rasterwerks